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Does Justin Bieber have an official facebook account or just Twitter?

June 14th, 2011 at 3:03 pm by Belky Says Leave a reply »




Does Justin Bieber have an official facebook account or just Twitter?  Hollywood Gossip!

Does Justin Bieber have an official facebook account or just Twitter?

[Jun. 14]

Cresting the social media wave with over 10,000,000 followers on Twitter in June of 2011, singer Justin Bieber is a very green tech savvy celebrity teen! Famous teen crooner of songs such as Baby, My World and a child prodigy mentored by R&B singer Usher Raymond he was just listed as one of the richest young celebrities in the world by Forbes magazine [circa June 13th, 2011]. IN his professional life and personal life (dating Disney Princess actress Selena Gomez, also a pop singer) the Biebs is doing very well for himself. Other teen celebrities on the Forbes list include singers Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, putting him in fab teen scene company. But how did Justin Bieber rise so quickly to being world-famous? Thanks to his discovery on YouTube in viral videos and his effective use of Twitter brand marketing.

Currently in a dating relationship with singer Selena Gomez, actress from Disney channel TV show Wizards of Waverly Place, the Biebs is one teen that makes times to communicate to his fans in 140 characters or less on Twitter! He even helped make his girlfriend more famous this week when he tweeted the hashtag #getwellselena to his followers, making her food poisoning and exhaustion bout after the celebrity couple’s Memorial Day two-week long luxury vacation to Hawaii, Texas, and Canada before the two appeared at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards and he perfromed at the 2011 CMT Awards for country music.

Why does Justin Bieber use Twitter to talk to his fans? Is it the fact that Twitter saves trees and doesn’t lead to pollution? Or is it that the 140 or less character restriction lets him talk without really having to get too intellectual? With a verified Twitter page, does Justin Bieber have a Facebook fan page?

Verified accounts on Twitter are one type of social media many Hollywood celebs, including Justin’s girlfriend Selena Gomez — who also has a verified account on Twitter, use to reach out to fans.

Why are star celebs ready to reach out directly to their followers?

To bypass the Paparazzi and celeb gossip sources, letting followers get to hear entertainment news directly from the horse’s mouth (rather than just reading tabloid magazine quotes and celebrity interviews published in entertainment journals.

Twitter is seen as a quick way to get messages out to a large number of people in an eco-friendly. A green celebrity, does Justin Bieber use Twitter for saving the environment, going green, and earning a bit of green himself since time is money and Twitter is quick?

Visit Justin Bieber’s verified Twitter account here.

The only drawback this writer can see to Justin Bieber tweeting so openly?

With its 140 character limitation per message on Twitter in Verified Tweets, does this allow Justin Bieber to keep messages short and sweet, his words highlight the fact that he does not appear to be a true academic — only just a regular teen who types fast and makes errors in text just like anybody.

To that end, if the Biebs has spellcheck and more to say — he should be leveraging other froms of social media daily.

Take (for example) Facebook.

A Facebook fan page lets Hollywood celebs interact with adoring fans. However, because most of Biebs followers are children (or grandchildren) of people reading celebrity gossip on the net, Twitter — which comes in easily on a cel phone — might be easier for kids to access and read status updates.

Facebook, for the most part, discourages minors from interacting with others, due to predatory laws.

So does Justin Bieber use a Facebook page to stay connected virtually to his fans?

Check out the official Justin Bieber fan page here. Does it look like the Biebs is talking directly to you? Or is someone always doing the talking for him as we suspect?



Justin Bieber has worked with the charity, Pencils of Promise. This is a charitable foundation that helps train children and young adults today to be the leaders of tomorrow. Leadership, as Justin Bieber knows, is very important for teens, especially when peer pressure and bullying are too common. This charity is also supported by Desmond Tutu.

How do you think Justin Bieber is doing for himself? Have you visited his verified Twitter account here. Check out his Facebook fan page here.

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Does Justin Bieber have an official facebook account or just Twitter?


Belky Says is a Freelance Writer and licensed couples therapist who loves talking about celebrity couples. Her column BELKY SAYS! addresses all levels of communication from small talk and casual conversation to the in-depth discussion of complex social issues. Belky is a vegetarian, an active supporter of gay marriage, LGBT civil rights, and an eco-friendly humanitarian. Follow her on Twitter @belkysays.

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