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Bieber Fever: Eminem blasts Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga on Twitter, why?

June 9th, 2011 at 5:31 am by Jason Grant Leave a reply »



Bieber Fever: Eminem blasts Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga on Twitter, why? Bieber Fever!

Rap music star Eminem blasts Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga in tweets, why?

[Jun. 9]

Sounds like Eminem (a.k.a. Marshall Mathers) has caught a little Bieber Fever of his own — of the ill will variety. While green celebrity humanitarian and pet friendly activist Justin Bieber was between appearances at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards and the 2011 CMT Awards (for country music fans), the rapper who does not pull punches was busy getting his name in the press over venting about the Biebs and also pop music star Lady Gaga to his fans. The hard-hitting rapper from Detroit has gone back to his old ways on his new track, A Kiss, hurling insults at the stars around him. This time Slim Shady is aiming for the Biebs and Lady Gaga. He referred to Justin Bieber as somehow evil and hints that star celeb Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite, reported USA Today. But the track comes off as relatively soft, compared to some of the blasts Eminem has fired at former star celebs like Christopher Reeves and Moby. The whole schtick has left a lot of people (including morning news media on June 9) wondering if Eminem is just losing ground to Bieber Fever and is simply riding coattails to prop up his own record sales.

So besides attacking the Biebs and Mother Monster Lady Gaga (who he alluded to being a transgendered woman — a celebrity scandal rumor Showbiz Tonight pointed out started about a year ago and is already old news to just about everybody in Hollywood and not very interesting as it just sensationalized LGBT lifestyles without really helping or hurting anybody), who is Eminem going after now?

Last year and the year before Eminem was all hot and bothered by Mariah Carey and her new husband Nick Canon. This year, Eminem was even softer on star celeb Katy Perry than he was on the Biebs and Lady Gaga. He mentioned “tailgating” Perry, which leaves one to wonder how her husband, British comedian Russel Brand, is going to react. Then again, he may have more to worry about from the Bieber Fever fans.

Is this latest outburst just a touch of jealousy of Bieber Fever we’re seeing from the star celeb rapper, or is he drifting back to his insult days, mocking all the other Hollywood stars around him? It’s hard to tell, but it’s true that Slim Shady has spent most of his career attacking other Hollywood star celebs. It might just be a return to what works for him.

And we’ll probably all forgive him, because after all — Eminem really is a good soul at heart by all that GCN writers can see. He is simply a product of his environment, and that includes having a voice about Hollywood celebrities that is the same as anybodies.



Eminem is a green celebrity and the founder of the Marshall Mathers Foundation, which helps disaffected youth in Michigan, the home state of the star celeb rapper. The foundation works in conjunction with the Eight Mile Boulevard Association in Michigan, which Eminem also supports. He also supports, which helps the 9 million child refugees around the world with education and sports programs.

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Bieber Fever: Eminem blasts Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga on Twitter, why?


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