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Celebrity Scandal: Is Taylor Lautner gay new Twilight movie myth?

June 8th, 2011 at 10:33 pm by Jason Grant Leave a reply »



Celebrity Scandal: Is Taylor Lautner gay new Twilight movie myth? Celebrity Scandal!

Is Taylor Lautner gay new Twilight Hollywood hit — or miss?

[Jun. 8]

Is Taylor Lautner gay? There has been a great deal of buzz surrounding Taylor Lautner and the kiss at the MTV Awards planted on him by Twilight costar Robert Pattinson. Few believe either one is gay, what with Robert Pattinson coming out as dating costar Kristen Stewart. The pair of course are the star couple in the hit series as vampire Edward Cullen and human Bella Swan (to be married in Breaking Dawn, the latest in the Twilight series). But Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black has been left surprisingly alone throughout the Twilight series. This leads a lot of people to wonder if the character as well as the actor might actually be gay, despite claims to the contrary. On TwilightBlog, there was an entertaining April Fool’s fake interview with Taylor Lautner, in which he purportedly admitted that he was gay. Of course, that has continued to spark rumors about the 19-year-old’s lack of a love interest. Is he really just too busy with work to have a girlfriend? For a character competing with Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen for the love of Bella Swan, one would think Lautner, chiseled as he is, by now would have a girlfriend everyone knew about. But nope. And what is more, there are still people who love the Twilight movie actors Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson who still believe the two men never kissed — and that the viral videos and photos of them in a lip lock in fornt of a live studio audience at the MTV Movie Awards 2011 are really fake! But no, Twihards — RPatz did plant a big ‘ole smooch right on the lips of his sexy Twink friend in fornt of God, the television views, and even Kristen Stewart that evening of the very special popcorn awards date.

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Whatever the case, whether Taylor Lautner is gay or if Robert Pattinson is gay or if the two male star celebs are engaging in some serious LGBT celebrity couples exploratory play, sparks have been flying since the MTV Awards on Sunday, June 5, 2011. Rumors have been flying around the set of Breaking Dawn too that the relationship between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson was — and has been all this time — a total publicity fake.

Now, do we here at GCN like Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson any less if either of them really are gay? Not at ALL. It wouldn’t be the first time that a couple of hunky young men who were long believed to be straight, wooing all the ladies, turned out to be gay (read: Ricky Martin). Robert Pattinson may be dodging the big gay bullet for now, given the public relationship between him and Twilight costar Kristen Stewart. Poor Taylor Lautner, though — he has no lady-love to provide him with a duck and “under the covers” story to prove he is heterosexual if he is not gay!

But have no fear, handsome Taylor… even if you lose the straight girl fane base, just look at how many gay women love Justin Bieber!

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Is it just a matter of playing hard to get, or is there something to this rumor that Taylor Lautner actually is gay? We wouldn’t care, of course. The star celeb is a dream for any guy (or girl). It might just be better, though, to come out now if it’s true. Else, put the rumors to rest and show us a girlfriend. We know they have to be clamoring after a chiseled hunk like the Breaking Dawn actor Taylor Lautner.

Whatever the real story is behind the rumors and allegations, “Is Taylor Lautner Gay” is the new raging Hollywood debate.


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Celebrity Scandal: Is Taylor Lautner gay new Twilight movie myth?


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