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Celebrity Scandal: Brigitte Nielsen embarrassing Maria Shriver, why?

June 5th, 2011 at 4:10 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Celebrity Scandal: Brigitte Nielsen embarrassing Maria Shriver, why? Celebrity Scandal!

Brigitte Nielsen embarrassing Maria Shriver more by announcing she was sleeping with Schwarzenegger as well?

[Jun. 5 -- Editorial]

More bad news for Maria Shriver related to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Hollywood mistress list. It seems reality television and former movie actress Brigitte Nielsen, ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone and former Conan The Barbarian series movie starlet who once played the role of Red Sonja is glamming on the press junket celebrity scandal wagon by being the first Hollywood star to say she too was having an affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger behind Maria Shriver’s back. Talk about kicking your friend Arnold in the testes while he is down! The six-foot blond who has become a bit of a joke in Hollywood now after her very public affair with rapper Flava-a-flav (and don’t ask me if we are spelling his name right mainly because no one here at GCN really cares). Sylvester Stallone kept a stoic game face on when she was cavorting about with the music icon best known for his giant clocks worn around his neck like bling and his ultra skeezy (yet mostly harmless) demeanor. He was, in all reality, a little bit crack-tastic in his demeanor; hearing how the mighty glamazon has fallen from grace in Hollywood social circles, it is no wonder hearing now that she and Arnold Schwarzenegger were doing the wild mambo behind Maria Shriver’s back comes as a new low for her — not a kudos for landing a movie star notch on your bedpost.

If you have not been following the Arnold and Maria Shriver celebrity scandal, check out the list of hot links below. From start to finish, each new twist and turn in the celebrity scandal has shown rumors to be true far more than false. Entertainment journals and tabloid gossip magazines are following Arnold Schwarzenegger around — but the star celeb has been retreating from the public eye and going underground. His wife Maria Shriver actually stepped up to the plate to take swings at him with the proverbial publicity bat — unlike that other embarrassed celebrity wife Elin Nordegren who took a swing at her then husband Tiger Woods allegedly when his celebrity scandal news came out of the text message closet. Appearing on Oprah Winfrey, it is rumored that Oprah herself was one of the first people Shriver confided in about her husband having affair(s) and a love child with their Latin housekeeper Mildred Baena at the power couple’s celebrity home in Los Angeles, California (not the governors mansion).

Brigitte Nielsen is embarrassing Maria Shriver even more now, not because of the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly was having an affair with the actress while courting and married to the news reporter. Rather, the news Brigitte Nielsen was sleeping with Arnold Schwarzenegger back in their movie days together is embarrassing because of how haggard that lady has become — and because she slept with Flave – a – Flav (or little skeezy as we like to call him).

SOURCE: Brigitte Nielsen Affair With Arnold Schwarzenegger

While Maria Shriver has yet to express or admit any sentiment for or against Brigitte Nielsen, she has our sincere support.

Men who cheat are horrible enough. Women who take great pleasure in calling themselves a mistress are perceived by many to be utter trash and morally worthless as human citizens.


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Celebrity Scandal: Brigitte Nielsen embarrassing Maria Shriver, why?


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