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Elections 2012: Elisabeth Hasselbeck agrees with Liberals about Palin?

June 3rd, 2011 at 12:51 am by Max Mihn Leave a reply »



Elections 2012: Elisabeth Hasselbeck agrees with Liberals about Palin? Elections 2012!

Hell hath forzen over, apparently, because Liberals agree with Elizabeth Hasselbeck about Sarah Palin?

[Jun. 3 -- Editorial]

View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck says notorious reality television star and ex-Governator of Alaska Sarah Palin is manipulating the media to turn public support and attention away from presidential candidate Mitt Romney announcing he is running for office with the hope of beating a failing and flailing President Barack Obama. On May 2, Hasselbeck argued vehemently in her usual ridiculous Republican Barbie doll brain-dead fashion that although the country is facing major economic problems Sarah Palin’s bus tour of the East Coast of the United States is dominating the headlines. Why was Hasselbeck irritated with that notion? Because Mitt Romney formally declared he is running for president today while he was in New Hampshire — and low and behold, press was lured away when the Sarah Palin recreational meddling tour bus showed up to meet with fine folks just a few miles away. Hasselbeck — and here is where Liberals and many Conservatives who are not pro-Sarah Palin agree — thinks Palin only showed up in the state because she wanted to media hog cameras and reporter resources and keep the spotlight off Romney (who is likely to be her competitor if she runs for office in 2012). What was a little more tacky and corny by the Republican and her cronies was her taking her moment in the spotlight to take pot shots at Mitt from her grandstanding podium.

“If I had termites in my house, I’d get someone in there who could deal with it,” Hasselbeck said (quoted via Huffington Post). “Mitt Romney, right now, his specialty is the economy. I’d have him in there. Here’s why we’re not hearing it: because Sarah Palin’s on a bus, and right now she’s manipulating, in terms of media attention.”

Now, would liberals vote for Mitt Romney? Most likely not. But, having him run for office as the unilaterally supported Republican candidate would give many Independents the opportunity to think about the economy over civil rights issues and they may give him a second thought.

What is more, American liberals and independent voters all seem to be in consensus about the fact that even if people do not fully agree with Barack Obama or his political platform, that he is a pleasure to listen to speak and not in any way an embarrassment as far as him being president. George W. Bush was embarrassing to listen to from the standpoint of many academics, as they knew he was the public face of the United States to the world. Having Sarah Palin involved with politics on a national level — much less being forced to listen to her in the campaign debates if she pulls her “pit bull with lipstick” maneuver and continues to gyrate to delusions of grandeur about her leadership skills — makes most intellectuals quiver the way you do when suffering from muscle cramps after a high fever.

John McCain really ought to help Sarah Palin understand that the way to use her star power is to throw her emphatic support behind the best presidential candidate — one who (if elected) really would be capable of world leadership respect and engendering respect based public reverence.

By Sarah Palin competing with Mitt Romney for time with the national media, she’s undermining the victory chances of her entire political party.

So, while Liberals agree with Hasselbeck that Sarah Palin is doing damage to Mitt Romney by grandstanding and crying out “Attention Me! Attention Me!” with her giant egocentric tour bus travels while she is out earning more money book promoting, their hell is at least a little happier than where she will eventually be going for playing chaotic neutral in the political equation.


Because while Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are busy having pizza together in front of the cameras in Times Square [New York] and cameras are busy snapping paparazzi pics and spreading rumors about the latest Boobgate controversy involving Sarah Palin, they are not giving media attention to the very dangerous and likeable Obama political opponent Mitt Romney.

One better, not only did Sarah Palin “coincidentally” show up in New Hampshire and take press away from Romney on the big day of his candidacy announcement, so did Republican former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani.

As such. the portrait of the Republican party that Liberal and Independent voters are taking away from the date is one that paints a picture of a very disjointed Republican party full of huge egos and spiteful backstabbing. Both those people should have stayed as far out of the limelight as they could have and responded in unison in positive support of his candidacy if they really wanted someone to beat Barack Obama in the 2012 elections — but pettiness got the best of them.

As such, welcome Mitt.

Americans who care about the future of the United States look forward to hearing what you have to say in a debate — and we hope for academic reasons pointed out by the otherwise scary Elisabeth Hasselbeck that you will be the last man (or woman) standing to debate Barack Obama.

NOT Palin.

If we want to hear more from her, we can all watch Tina Fey do her skit on Saturday Night Live. The SNL version of Sarah Palin is much funnier, as she does not control America with her glib super powers.


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Elections 2012: Elisabeth Hasselbeck agrees with Liberals about Palin?


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