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Celebrity Divorce: Arnold and Maria officially lawyer up after scandal?

June 1st, 2011 at 3:59 am by Kae Davis Leave a reply »



Celebrity Divorce: Arnold and Maria officially lawyer up after scandal? Celebrity Scandal!

Did Arnold and Maria officially lawyer up before divorce?

[June 1]

Who would you rather see win in a celebrity divorce preceding: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Maria Shriver? Fans of the famous movie actor are torn, with half the people who love his action adventure flicks not sure if they would ever spend money to go see him in another blockbuster box office film again — and the rest secretly hoping Arnold’s soon to be Ex-wife Maria Shriver fleeces home so he will be left with no money and be forced to do an entire slew of new major motion pics to pay for child support on his growing posse of celebrity kids. What is growing increasingly clear is that Arnold and Maria Shriver are getting serious about making their celebrity split trial separation more permanent. The famous green celebrity couple have lawyered up (according to insider entertainment journals) and are at this time preparing to do courtroom brawling over finances and most likely will enmesh in custody battles (if not of the kids then over the real property assets Maria Shriver seemed to abandon when she left the marital celebrity home bound for a 5 star posh hotel destination to look back over her past while contemplating the Hollywood icon as his Mr. Right image shattered).

TMZ reported on the celebrity scandal, sharing the following Hollywood Gossip update June 1, 2011:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is pulling out a big gun for his inevitable divorce battle with Maria Shriver … officially hiring attorney Bob Kaufman — who’s already tackling some touchy issues of the split.

Sources tell TMZ … Kaufman’s already been in touch with Maria’s attorney, Laura Wasser – and we’re told they are “moving forward” with divorce negotiations.

Kaufman and Wasser have gone head-to-head on other high profile celebrity splits — and both specialize in something Arnold and Maria value right now … keeping divorce settlements hush hush.

So why did Maria Shriver leave the marital celebrity home, essentially walking away from all her possessions and the equity in the mansion?

That’s an easy question to answer (unfortunately).

Because Arnold Schwarzenegger had been banging their maid and kept his family love child with her a secret for the better part of Mildred Patricia Baena’s employment with the celebrity couple.

Creepy, crappy, and sinister: not words anyone just a few short months ago would have used to describe the former Governor of California.

Cheating men… you can’t just shoot ‘em, but you can dang sure sue the pants off of them in the end if you are a Hollywood celebrity with Washingtonian roots.

Fortunately for her, that is exactly what Maria Shriver is and seems to be in the process to start doing.



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Celebrity Divorce: Arnold and Maria officially lawyer up after scandal?


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