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Celebrity Scandal: Scotty McCreery denies dating Lauren Alaina?

May 29th, 2011 at 1:17 pm by Max Mihn Leave a reply »

Celebrity Scandal: Scotty McCreery denies dating Lauren Alaina? Celebrity Scandal! Scotty McCreery denied dating Lauren Alaina, causing a celebrity couples scandal?

There is a celebrity teen scandal brewing in Hollywood Memorial Day Weekend. American Idol loser Lauren Alaina is being compared in tabloid gossip reports to a low-class fat girl who puts out and will try to get pregnant to catch and keep a man — and it is not a very nice allegation.

So why are critics of the American Idol runner-up being so hostile? Because of a series of kisses she planted on her competitor Scotty McCreery on national television after the news came that she had lost the reality television competition and he was American’s favorite single young man.

Pop Eater shared:

As the confetti was raining down on ‘American Idol’ winner, Scotty McCreery, we found ourselves leaning closer to the TV saying, ‘Wait, did they just?’

Before cutting away from the pair a moment too soon, it looked as though runner-up, Lauren Alaina, planted a kiss on the American Idol.

Just after the smooch, when asked if the duo were in fact an item, Alaina told Entertainment Tonight, “he might by my boyfriend … ask him.”

So why do some girls feel the need to grab attention for themselves by attaching themselves to a better looking or more successful (and therefore desirable) man?

Counselors will tell you that women with low self-esteem — like so many men with low self-esteem — will sometimes fixate on gaining manipulative control of a romantic partner because they do not have enough self-esteem or genuine self-worth to be desirable or think highly of themselves without a partner.

Many times, women will ploy men with the promise of free sex and no real relationship obligations to lure them in to a personal arrangement. The hotter and dumber the man is, the bigger the bullseye he seems to wear on his forehead like a target.

That is why Lauren Alaina grabbing Scotty McCreery looked so calculated on her part and made him look like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered by his waiting in the wings mistress.

If Lauren Alaina gets her claws into him now, the two will undoubtedly make money touring together — but there is one big problem with the young couple getting involved in a romantic relationship.

Many of his die-hard fans think if he stays out of a relationship now at such a young age, he can and will do better at finding love than if he were to settle down now.

Scotty McCreery simply has not lived long enough to know that yet — and what is worse, if Lauren Alaina does land him and manage to get pregnant quickly, she will have a guaranteed portion of his income and lifetime earnings if he ever tries to leave her feathered nest.

To that end, fans of Scotty who are adults are sending messages warning the young country music singer to slow the relationship with Lauren Alaina down — because experience speaks volumes. Older folks have it and these teens don’t.

Fans of Lauren Alaina or women who think that trapping a man and keeping him financially and emotionally tied to a home through having sex and making babies galore are all rooting for the overweight teen to nail that hot young stud and rising star down now.

Both perspectives are a bit sad, though — as neither view factors any sense of love or companionship into the equation. And granted, while Scotty McCreery might have bonded emotionally with Lauren Alaina for the short-term because they experienced the adrenaline surge of the high stress situation by sharing the American Idol stage together, once that Oh-la-la tingle passes and Scotty thinks about it, chances are he would do better staying single, working to establish his career, to finish high school and college, and bank some serious earnings that are all his own before he settles down.

As for Lauren Alaina and the celebrity teen scandal brewing over her kissing Scotty McCreery and playing coy about the boyfriend – girlfriend situation?

That girl needs to get to work finding work right now — because her 15 minutes of fame are likely to be up unless she keeps Scotty McCreery around.

Do the Jenny Craig Diet — the South Beach Diet — or get some other celebrity fitness and weight loss endorsement, Lauren. Heck, do the Cookie Diet that Snooki from the Jersey Shore reality television show endorsed.

Keep singing at fund-raisers for non-profit organizations and local causes.

Just bank some money of your own now while you are young rather than waiting for some man to come along who will make you look attractive and fill your coffers.

And for gosh sakes, doing be doing any more lip plants on Scotty McCreery when the press is — or is NOT — around.


Because Scotty McCreery is a teenage boy and the new popular kid in town, and chances are, Lauren, if you do get emotionally attached too much at this stage of the American Idol popularity game, he will only let you down. Wait a few years, keep in touch with him, but don’t think it might be love until the next 10 to 15 years have passed and you both have had the chance to live life on your own for a while as healthy single adults.


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Celebrity Scandal: Scotty McCreery denies dating Lauren Alaina?


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