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Bieber Fever: Justin Bieber star power hit 10 million Twitter followers?

May 29th, 2011 at 7:42 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Bieber Fever: Justin Bieber star power hit 10 million Twitter followers? Green Celebrity Teens!

Justin Bieber hit 10 million Twitter followers Memorial Day Weekend 2011… now what will he do with all that good star power?

[May 29]

Belieber it or not, pop music singer Justin Bieber is a green celebrity teen who knows how to use his star power wisely. The humanitarian and pet friendly star celeb might be young, but he is a master of marketing Generation Me Bieber Fever though Social Media. Using tweets effectively, Justin Bieber has advocated to help the residents of New Orleans recover financially after the oil spill disaster and has brought countless teen volunteers in to the habit of helping raise money and awareness for a variety of causes. Spending Memorial Day Weekend on the beaches of Hawaii kissing his green celebrity girlfriend Selena Gomez while the two forlicked in bathing suits, playing in the water he got plenty of free media coverage from entertainment journals. But to reach the benchmark of having 10 million followers on Twitter? That number of fans who Justin Bieber can reach out to and share a message with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is pure marketing gold. Why? Because whether the Biebs is tweeting about a hot new place to go, his next album, promoting the work of a celebrity friend, or sharing a call to action about any number of humanitarian, eco friendly or pet friendly causes, he can get a message right to his fan base via text message on a telephone or into their bedroom or living room on their desktop or laptop computer. But when it comes to using star power and social media wisely, Justin Bieber is not the first of the Hollywood star celebs to make Twitter part of their daily ritual of self promotion with the green tech marketing tool. There are folks like Baby Boomer Barack Obama who have endorsed the use of Twitter, Gen Y reality television stars Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, and Lady Gaga, too. reports, “Justin Bieber has reached another milestone, one that has already been covered by Lady Gaga.”

Bieber just recently gathered 10 million Twitter followers just weeks after Gaga already reached the mark, states newsden.

Bieber did show off his excitement about the achievement on Twitter: “#10MillionBeliebers I love u…changing my life everyday. I’m from a town of 30,000…so u guys are 333 times my town! CRAZY! #NeverSayNever.”

Although Gaga reached 10 million first, some believe that Bieber will take over later this year.

Whether or not you think Justin Bieber will pass Lady Gaga in the stats for gaining followers on Twitter, one has to admit that having that many fans — especially as a celebrity teen with the power to go green — speaks volumes.

What will Justin Bieber do with his new level of star power now that he has 10M followers?

Hopefully, he will start tweeting up a storm about causes like helping victims of natural disasters, saving pets from animal rescue shelters, continuing his support for animal rights by endorsing the organization PETA, and helping those afflicted by poverty, disease, and rising stars who need a leg up to be successful.

After all — his celebrity mentor Usher found Justin Bieber on YouTube and became a Belieber. If Justin Bieber continues to use his Biebs franchise to promote good will and pay it forward, he will be as big or bigger or a superstar when he reaches adulthood, too.


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Bieber Fever: Justin Bieber star power hit 10 million Twitter followers?


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