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Crazy Megan Fox tries to outfox Lindsay Lohan for role as Carrie?

May 25th, 2011 at 1:32 pm by Helium Leave a reply »



Crazy Megan Fox tries to outfox Lindsay Lohan for role as Carrie? Movie News!

Crazy Megan Fox tries to outfox Lindsay Lohan for new movie remake role as Carrie?

[May 25]

Rumors have it that crazy star celeb Megan Fox is hoping to land the new movie remake role of Carrie in a 21st century Hollywood thriller remake of the cult horror classic, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. Apparently Stephen King himself had suggested Disney princess Lindsay Lohan for the part, but her co-star in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen has been pushing to get the lead role, according to Perez Hilton. Which of the two star celebs will get the part? Our guess is that if one were to enter Megan Fox (a pet friendly green celebrity with some social skills problems) and party girl Lindsay Lohan for the WHO IS MORE BAT GUANO loco, that Brian Austin Green’s new wife the fabulous Mrs. Fox¬† would win out. However, the writer and creative directors might just cut jail bird Lindsay a break and cast her in the lead because really, when it comes right down to it she is a talented actress, has the right coloring to match the typecasting already in place by the book definition and Stephen King’s mental picture of the character, and Megan — though scary and disturbed comes as a natural act to her — simply can’t act her way into a shower to wash the fake blood off. But I digress… bottom line, Megan Fox wants the role, her new hubs is seriously into cars (and drives a race car himself), and she does have that teen scream queen practice from all the running and screaming and blowing things up in director Michael Bay’s Transformers and Transformers 2 movies pretty much down pat.

Regarding Megan Fox’ intentions to win the lead role away from Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton writes:

“Megan is a huge fan of the original and would love the chance to play the lead. She’s 25 now but she’s sure she could still do justice to teenage Carrie. She’s told her people to make it happen.”

Megan Fox previously tried to play crazy in Jennifer’s Body which ultimately went nowhere at the box office. And it’s suggested that the she is itching to try a similar role as a crazy teenager in a film certain to be much more well known. The former Transformers star celeb has not been cast in the upcoming movie for the Transformers franchise, lending credence to the rumors (ONLY RUMORS) that Megan Fox is trying to land the part as Carrie, says ScreenRant. She also had been approached about playing Wonder Woman, but reportedly wanted to consider more serious roles.

A role as Carrie, even in a remake, would be an iconic opportunity for the star celeb. But, really, there is nothing but rumor surrounding the remake even. Some say that there is little interest in seeing the classic remade, but that hasn’t stopped studios in the past. And is Megan Fox really crazy enough to pull it off? Some say yes (Megan Fox herself says she suffers from a schizophrenia related mental disorder or borderline personality, according to Celebuzz, though doctors say no, which is crazy enough) but others suggest she may not really fit the outcast profile that Sissy Spacek did in the original Carrie.

Could this become an all out battle of crazy between star celeb Megan Fox and Disney princess Lindsay Lohan?



Megan Fox is a green celebrity and a pet friendly celebrity who takes in rescue animals, like Brian Austin Green. She currently owns two cats, three dogs, two parrots, a squirrel, and a pig named Piggy Smalls, at last count, believe it or not. It’s said that her love for animals developed as a result of her parents limiting her to just one cat at home. She certainly has turned that around. She also has supported Racing for Kids, which helps raise awareness for children’s hospitals, where the racers stop in to hospitals along their routes.


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