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Disney star Lindsay Lohan darkest secrets leaked to press by crappy Dad?

May 23rd, 2011 at 5:40 pm by Helium Leave a reply »



Disney star Lindsay Lohan darkest secrets leaked to press by crappy Dad? Bad Celebrity Parents!

Disney star Lindsay Lohan biggest secrets leaked to press by Dad?

[May 23]

Father’s Day in 2011 is on Sunday, the 19th of June, and suffice it to say Hollywood social circles and rumor mills are already circulating the news that Michael Lohan, father of Disney princess Lindsay Lohan, will NOT be up for father of the year award. Michael Lohan has spent the better part of his Disney Princess’ life making profits at her expense, and Lohan recently revealed he encouraged the star celeb to make nice with her accuser at the Betty Ford clinic to sell photographs to celebrity gossip sites of the two together in exchange for avoiding prosecution. But it is not just the cash happy pap that is raking in the dough by exploiting a family member’s star power. Celebrity gossip sites like TMZ and RadarOnline make up an annual 3 billion dollar business, reports the Beverly Hills Courier, and many of those story leads and deepest, darkest secrets have been leaked to press by mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin grandma, grandpa, best friends, neighbors, staff, and casual acquaintances star celebs like young Lindsay Lohan think are close personal friends.

Among the topics of star celeb gossip, celebrity rehab is a prime target. With Michael Lohan set to appear on the next season of the reality television show Celebrity Rehab, celebrity gossip sites are chomping at the bit, itching for an opportunity to get celebrity pics, insider celebrity dirt, and more.

With a Disney princess like star celeb Lindsay Lohan in trouble for drugs and alcohol, the insider gossip becomes that much more appealing to star celeb gossip sites that profit from infromation that people want to know. People like Michael Lohan, even more inside than the insiders, have determined to capitalize on the drama that is celebrity lifestyle. After all, what could be more exciting news to read about than a multi-generational celebrity scandal?

From Lohan himself, according to Beverly Hills Courier:

“I was talking to Lindsay, I said, ‘Honey, someone’s got to get in touch with her – your lawyer or somebody – to help her get an interview,” he told The Times, referring to Holland. “I said, ‘If I have to set it up, I’ll do it for her.’ “

Investigators have begun to look into illegal Hollywood leaks. Big name star celebs in Hollywood are often the target of the paparazzi, but the paparazzi has turned to more insidious means of getting leaked infromation from Hollywood star celebs. There have surfaced numerous reports of confidential medical records of Hollywood star celebs being released to gossip sites like TMZ and RadarOnline. These star celebs are often unaware of when and from where the infromation has been leaked, but law enforcement has been cracking down on those who leak confidential records and those who solicit confidential records for pay.

The practice of paying for Hollywood gossip from people close to star celebs shows no signs of drying up anytime soon. With figures like $3 billion annually, sites like TMZ and RadarOnline will continue to hunt for as much celebrity gossip as they can get their hands on.


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