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Dooms Day: End of the world May 21st, 2012, or 2nd Tuesday of next week?

May 21st, 2011 at 6:49 pm by Helium Leave a reply »



Dooms Day: End of the world May 21st, 2012, or 2nd Tuesday of next week? Dooms Day!

End of the world May 21st, 2012, or 2nd Tuesday of next week?

[May 21]

Well, it’s May 21, 2011, and so far nobody (including John Cusack from the dooms day movie 2012) appears to be missing in the rapture or apocalypse or any other end of the world scenario. Skeptics are certain to say it never was going to happen, and others of faith are sure to claim there is a numbers game going on or that this is just the beginning of the end or the world as we once knew it already has ended. But fear not. [Or fear some more, if you prefer.] Another day next year looms on the calendar, and 2012 is the real year of the doomsday apocalypse, according to some who have dismissed May 21, 2011. Additionally, some Christians believe that May 21, 2011, could not possibly be the correct date, because scripture reports that no man will no the date or time, lending some credence to an unspecified date in 2012. However, skeptics remain, and rightfully so. Even the Maya say the ancient Maya calendar ending in 2012 is no cause for concern. As such, dooms day coming on the second Tuesday of next week seems to be the most definitive answer humans can know about when to expect the end of the world.

Dooms day rumors have been spread by prophets and religious figures almost as long as time began for humans. Thousands — not just a few — people have tried to predict the end of the world, with only the latest group saying the end of the world May 21st, 2011 was a better day of reckoning than waiting for some unspecified event series to happen by the Mayan prediction of 2012.

The Long Island Press reports:

“Contrary to popular belief the living elders of the Maya do not agree that December 21, 2012 is the end of their calendar. A new “Sun” represents the beginning of a new Long Count cycle in the calendar system of approximately 5,200 years, which they say may not happen for many years,” the letter reads. And goes on to say,” Most of this infromation comes from non-Mayans and it is not accurate…the Maya’s message is simple: Our actions have created a world out of balance that must be rebalanced immediately in order for us to avoid more suffering…to humans and to all life.”

Nevertheless, MSNBC notes that we all could perish at anytime from a giant asteroid or a mutant virus or any number of other catastrophic events that have plagued the Earth at some point in time or other. Whatever happened to the dinosaurs comes to mind, as does the volcano that left the entire city of Pompeii buried under ash. There is also skepticism about Atlantis and what may have happened to it, if it did exist. And, for good measure, alien invasion is a fair third runner-up.

But just in case the doomsday apocalypse doesn’t kill us all on May 21, 2011, (as of this writing, we still have some time left), there are some great green celebrity flicks out there to enjoy in the meantime. And maybe — even probably — someone will come up with a new movie to sate our thirst for the apocalypse.

So put on your aluminum hats (or you can go with an outlandishly green celebrity Lady Gaga style hat) and let’s all get ready for a wild ride in style, whenever it may happen. Doomsday probably is just late like the rest of us are from time to time.


Dooms Day and Apocalypse Movies:

  • War of the Worlds (1956) — a definite classic NOT starring Tom Cruise
  • Independence Day (1996) — aliens invade and Will Smith saves us all (with no Jada Pinkett-Smith assistance at all)
  • Deep Impact (1998) — meteors hit and Morgan Freeman as president guides us through [hmmm... maybe he should run in real life now]
  • A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001) — who else to direct a futuristic robot attack than Steven Spielberg
  • The Day After Tomorrow (2004) — a fair reminder of the Japanese tsunami earlier this year, with some fairly effective perfromances by actors Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal


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