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Rumor mills confirm actress Natalie Portman too old to smoke pot anymore?

May 17th, 2011 at 5:09 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Rumor mills confirm actress Natalie Portman too old to smoke pot anymore? Internet Rumors!

Rumor mills confirm Star Wars actress Natalie Portman too old to smoke pot anymore?

[May 17]

Star Wars and Black Swan actress Natalie Portman recently announced that while she absolutely loves watching stoner movies, she is too old to smoke pot anymore. The green celebrity claims she smoked marijuana back in college when she was young, free to do whatever she wanted, and had a bedtime well past ten o’clock. That is certainly not the case anymore! While Natalie Portman is refer madness friendly because giggle weed humor still makes her happy, as a new celebrity mom she can’t partake anymore and hits the hay (rather than the grass) when she’s ready to snore. The news Natalie Portman was a supporter of marijuana use surprised many of the more straight-laced people in Hollywood social circles who thought the very intense actress was not a party girl. But what do you expect from a girl who is good friends with new Two And A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher — other than a whole lot of giggles, sexy fun, and people asking, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

Toke of the Town reports:

Oscar winner Natalie Portman, set to star in not one but two upcoming stoner comedies, said in a new interview that while she used marijuana in her younger days, she’s now “too old” for cannabis.

“I love stoner comedies,” Portman, 29, told Entertainment Weekly. “I smoked weed in college, but I haven’t smoked in years.

“I’m too old,” Portman said. “I wish I was that cool, but I’m like an old lady now. I’m in bed by 10 p.m. I can’t do that anymore.”

Her comments were made before she recently announced her pregnancy.

THC finder further confirmed the internet gossip about Natalie Portman quitting smoking pot, saying:

The Oscar-winning actress is appearing in two comedy movies – Your Highness and Best Buds – following a host of perfromances in tense dramas.
Despite her clean-cut image, Natalie has confessed she has experience of experimenting with drugs and enjoyed using them when she was at Harvard University in the US. However, the 29-year-old pregnant star claims she is now too old to dabble anymore.
And in response to the news, The 420 Times shared:
You’ll find a lot of people who don’t consume cannabis enjoying the cannabis-related comedy; after all, these movies – if they are done well – are comedy first and foremost.
Laughter is universal. Cheech and Chong’s best comedy is based on weed, but weed isn’t why they are funny people; they just are.


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Rumor mills confirm actress Natalie Portman too old to smoke pot anymore?


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