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DWTS 2011: Hines Ward partner Kym Johnson seriously hurt in dance fall?

May 16th, 2011 at 1:05 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »



DWTS 2011: Hines Ward partner Kym Johnson seriously hurt in dance fall? Dancing With The Stars 2011!

Hines Ward partner Kym Johnson seriously hurt in dance fall?

[May 16]

TMZ was one of the first websites to report Kym Johnson — the dance pro the producers of DWTS 2011 paired up with Pittsburgh Steelers football player Hines Ward. According to the site, Kym Johnson, “took a nasty spill while rehearsing with the NFLer for an upcoming show.” The star celebs still had practice scheduled the following day(s), and Kym and Hines both showed up on schedule Sunday May 16th. The only problem? Kym Johnson was wearing a huge neck brace!  According to her rep (who spoke to TMZ anticipating the rumor mills picking up the story of the dancing accident and subsequent hospitalization of the dance pro), Johnson was taken to a nearby Los Angeles area hospital  for treatment “for precautionary measures to assure she is OK.” But what will an injury at this stage fo the game do to the celebrity couple as far as perfromance ability? Many celebrity gossip sites and comment rumor mills are saying that Hines and Kym might just be out of the game.

The reason why Kym Johnson having a new injury is a game changer is not because she might not be able to dance or teach or do choreography full bore. It is because of the psychological effects on Hines Ward.

If Kym was injured off the dance floor in some freak accident where she fell in a grocery store or had been ina car accident, it would be easier for Hines Ward to recover mentally from the challenge of learning to dance with a new or hurt partner. But Kym Johnson injured in a fall during dance practice — one that may permanently affect her dance career and could have possible side effects if she has a traumatic brain injury?

That guilt alone — of knowing the NFL player dropped or otherwise hurt his partner during dance practice — could be devastating to the dance confidence of the tough footbal star but otherwise huge softie Hines Ward.

Will the celebrity could prevail and make it to the final three where they can compete in the final round?

At a week of such a crucial vote. the star celebs hope that rumors they need your vote to stay even if Kym Johnson is only hurt enough to throw thier dances off a little bit will take hold.

As for odds about who will win Dancing With The Stars 2011, most people’s money is on Chelsea Kane (the Walt Disney star dancing with Mark Ballas, son of Shirley Ballas and Corky Ballas). Before Kym Johnson hurt her neck in dance practice, it was rumored Kym and Hines would most likely take the second place accolades home, with Kirstie Alley right behind them on their quest to win the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Now, however, folks don’t know how exactly to swing their vote.

Ralph Macchio has a bad knee, Kirstie Alley had been falling down faint from hunger (starving herself on her low calorie celebrity diet), Romeo got too cocky [literally] and America already sent him home.

So, without Hines Ward as a top competitor the week entering into a final round, the dancers who make it to the last round could be anyone.

We just hope is is Hines Ward — because beyond liking watching him dance, it is rumored that the celebrity athlete is one of the nicest on most fun guys to have around.




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DWTS 2011: Hines Ward partner Kym Johnson seriously hurt in dance fall?


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