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Celebrity Scandal: Lady Gaga shoes bleeped by American Idol OOPS or not?

May 12th, 2011 at 4:45 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Celebrity Scandal: Lady Gaga shoes bleeped by American Idol OOPS or not? Celebrity Scandal!

Lady Gaga stiletto pumps you will not see on American Idol a celebrity OOPS moment or publicity stunt?

[May 12]

Bleeped by American Idol for making an OOPS fashion statement! Only Lady Gaga could turn reality television mentoring attire into a Hollywood celebrity scandal in such glam fashion. Prudes they might be, but the producers of American Idol will not be showing off Lady Gaga’s shoes that she wore for her mentoring special guest appearance on American Idol on May 11th, 2011. TMZ reported the following bleeped out censored fashion forward details about the stiletto heels Lady Gaga wore to meet the contestants for tutoring. Talk about your hot for teacher moments in pop music! But the coolest part about Lady Gaga’s shoes is not what they represented but how much free press she will undoubtedly be able to generate for herself thanks to wearing them.

Talk about your fame monster!

The celebrity gossip website TMZ shared, “When Gaga appeared on the show, producers smacked an “Idol” logo over her sexually explicit stilettos because they each had a Lucite penis for a heel. The porno pumps by London fashion brand Void of Course may be racy but they ain’t cheap … they retail for over $4500. It takes a lot of money to ride these X-rated disco sticks.”

Holy yikes, Batman. What was Gaga thinking?

Although shoes like that might have a place on a concert stage, on a family show on a major television network, one has to pause and think, “Do I really want to wear the sexy shoes that poke fun at male anatomy on national television?” And to that, Lady Gaga must have thought to herself a resounding HELLS YES.

Why do we think the celebrity fashion choice was so funny?

Because we wonder if they really were six inch heels — or if Gaga wore the high heels with a laugh… knowing they were really only four inch heels but assuring the men they were MUCH taller.

But then we realize the real lesson she taught the competitors by doing it…

If you intentionally and purposefully create a blow out Hollywood celebrity scandal by deciding who you are and who you want to be, you can steer the press by avoiding those embarrassing celebrity OOPS moments being harped on publicly.

Like Lady Gaga having concert pics taken and blow up by the press that show she popped off a fake fingernail during mid perfromance like a dirty barefoot p0rn queen.

Nice share, TMZ — sure to go viral immediately… especially in the LGBT community!

It is better to be cause doing something scandalous and glamorous than everyday ordinary when you are a fame seeker after the max amount of free publicity.

That’s the lesson Lady Gaga taught the American Idol contestants by intentionally manipulating the media with one strange news scandalous deed.


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Celebrity Scandal: Lady Gaga shoes bleeped by American Idol OOPS or not?


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