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Celebrity Fitness: Katy Perry vs. Megan Fox for best boob job? (Pics)

May 12th, 2011 at 8:21 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »



Celebrity Fitness: Katy Perry vs. Megan Fox for best boob job? (Pics)

Celebrity Fitness!

Hot in Hollywood Katy Perry vs. Megan Fox for best boob job?

[May 12]

When it comes to magnificent mammary glands, star celebs Katy Perry and Megan Fox are well known for having two of the best sets in Hollywood. The trouble is, that god and good genetics might not have anything to do with either spectacular twin sets. The plastic surgeons responsible for the artist known as Megan Fox have cleverly crafted an icon that rivaled sexy dead starlet Marilyn Monroe, while po music singer Katy Perry’s docs have made her look more candy-esque. So which star pair was crafted best? The jury is still out, but for 10 grand or less you can buy yourself or you girl her own matching set.

So what of the plastic surgery craze in Hollywood? For better or for worse we ask?

Is a woman who has been cosmetically  altered to look cartoon-ish as lovely as starlets of past eras who primped and pranced around by using old fashioned corsets and girdles to do what the binding brand SPANX now does best?

Think about Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Raquel Welch, Sophia Lauren…

Compare them to Katy Perry and regardless of any alterations, the pop music rocking diva and new wife of comedian actor Russell Brand looks bland.

Megan Fox, on the other hand? She looks every bit the part of glamor doll. Well, at least she used to out there in Hollywood land, long before she quit eating and looks a bit like she started to tan.

Megan Fox recently wed long time boyfriend Brian Austin Green — you know… that guy you can’t really remember from 90210 other than to say if you saw his picture you have a faint inkling he played the romantic lead to producer Aaron Spelling’s daughter Tori Spelling. Yes — the girl with another great looking artificial hat rack but with the unfortunate face even the most talented plastic surgeon would not dare scratch.

Since getting married, Megan Fox has slimmed down from her already petite size 4 frame to what looks to be below a size zero. Her dramatic weight loss has left her looking gaunt rather than delicious — sort of a cardboard pizza version of her previously over lip collagen plumped DiGiorno self.

Sporting rock hard abs and limbs that look like concentration camp photos, her battle between not eating and keeping up with her Armani modeling photos shoots and movie contracts is leaving her look less than #WINNING (in the best Charlie Sheen style).

Katy Perry, however, has done nothing but blossom since becoming a newlywed. Russell Brand must be feeding her well, because like Jane Russell she is now turning into a totally darling full figured girl.

But back to the boobs and whose job is best.

In our humble opinion, since Megan Fox has lost all the weight the plastic breast augmentations look more like balls of rolled up tube socks thrust under her skin — so we think Katy Perry wins.

Both women are green celebrities. Katy Perry is currently working to help the people suffering from the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Megan Fox is pet friendly and has rescue animals other than her D-Listed husband Brian Austin Green in residence.

Would we ask our own wives, girlfriends, or daughters to have plastic surgery to look like either of the two women?

Not a chance — but when it comes to man made aesthetics and branding, Russell has bought, paid for, and put a ring the best brand.



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Celebrity Fitness: Katy Perry vs. Megan Fox for best boob job? (Pics)


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