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Kardashian Sisters: Kris Jenner asks girls to get plastic surgery?

May 11th, 2011 at 8:37 pm by Helium Leave a reply »



Kardashian Sisters: Kris Jenner asks girls to get plastic surgery? Kardashian Sisters!

Manager celebrity mother Kris Jenner asks girls to get plastic surgery?

[May 11]

The Kardashian girls, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe, are beautiful girls. Few would contest that. But Kardashian momager, Kris Jenner, must have taken it hard when daughter Kim Kardashian fell from the top 10 of the MAXIM HOT 100 list all the is encouraging her daughters to get plastic surgery to keep up the good looks. Jenner effectively has turned the Kardashian name into a brand, as is well known, and she has plans to keep the brand running for a long time to come, according to Hollywood Life.

“Kris was born beautiful,” a source close to the family says. ” She knows the value of looking good and pressures her daughters into following her lead. Kris has an idea of beauty, and wants to sculpt her daughters into that standard.”

But not all of the Kardashian girls are handling the advice so well. Khloe, who continues to battle with issues over her weight, recently lashed out at her mom on an episode of Khloe and Lamar. To what extent the criticism is accurate or merely reality television hype is left to speculation, but the scene wasn’t pretty.

On a recent episode of Khloe & Lamar, Khloe went off on Kris, saying, “You’re such a f***king lunatic and you’re sooo evil! That makes me feel like s**t mom. What the f**k honestly I’m too fat, I’m too this, I’m too that. Do you want me to get pregnant? Do you want me to lose weight? You tell me you want me to have a baby every second, but I can’t be on some crazy diet. I just don’t get what you want out of me!”

Kris Jenner wants a brand. That much is clear. How exactly Jenner sees that brand is less than clear, especially to Khloe Kardashian. Kris Jenner has incredibly high standards for the Kardashian sisters. And Kim Kardashian seems to be the only one living up to them in the eyes of the momager. Even littlest sisters, Kylie and Kendall, just 13 and 15 years old, are struggling with body issues, with mom telling them that they can fix anything with surgery once they’re older.

Ridiculous! Just let the kids be kids. It’s well and good that they’re attractive young ladies, all. But there is a line that someone needs to draw sooner or later, letting these kids just be kids. Not even the older sisters are so old that they should be worrying about all this nonsense. Khloe, when you’re 60, if you really believe you have a problem, consider some help. Until then, you just go, girl.

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