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Celebrity Scandal: Disney Princess Lindsay Lohan avoids jail time again?

May 11th, 2011 at 2:15 am by Helium Leave a reply »



Celebrity Scandal: Disney Princess Lindsay Lohan avoids jail time again? Celebrity Scandal!

Disney Princess Lindsay Lohan avoids jail time again, why?

[May 11]

Lucky LiLo. Disney Princess Lindsay Lohan has beat the odds and will most likely avoid jail time again, reports RadarOnline. The troubled actress and star of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, won’t wind up in jail for the necklace she allegedly stole in a bold shoplifting caper. In fact, the judge sentenced her to another year’s probation and she’ll have to spend 120 days with an ankle bracelet at home. However, she’ll be free to be on the set of Gotti: Three Generations during the day. That means the Hollywood starlet can pretty much relax into her Disney Princess status as a luxury house bound lounging diva at night and on the weekends — but sport her favorite fashion accessory ankle bracelet. Yawn.

Dear Judge — when are you going to be more creative and sentence LiLo to something different? It’s like Tinkerbell comes to sprinkle Lindsay Lohan at night with Pixie Dust and fly her off to Neverland during the day instead of in the evening. All this girl is doing is trading gangsters for pirates (and we are not talking Pirates of the Caribbean).

While former Disney Princess Lindsay Lohan reportedly wanted to be present at court to plead no contest for stealing the jewelry, the court decided that her appearance would draw too much attention and require extra police coverage. So her attorney went to enter the plea for her. At the time, it was uncertain whether she would wind up serving time behind bars (even if only four months). She probably wanted to be there to turn on the crocodile tears for the judge.

But, Judge Stephanie Sautner must have been a fan of Lucky LiLo, or at least must have been having a good day, because, while Lindsay Lohan is still serving community service hours at a women’s shelter for her second DUI offense, she will serve no jail time for this latest stunt, in spite of being offered plea deals which she had refused in the past.

How come any other accused criminal who showed up in court with F U painted into the nail polish of her fingernails would be buried under the jail, while Hollywood train wreck Lohan will be enjoying more manicures and lattes in her movie trailer?

The latest court ruling will free up Lindsay Lohan to play the role of Kim Gotti in John Travolta’s new film Gotti: Three Generations. The actress was rumored to have been tapped for the role of John Gotti Sr.’s wife, Victoria Gotti, alongside Travolta, presumably hand-picked by Victoria Gotti herself, but that was not to be the case. However, former Disney princess Lindsay Lohan is lucky to be getting any part at all. This will be her first role since she left rehab in January this year.

So now Lindsay Lohan will be back to work, even with the ankle bracelet, and we hope this bit of good fortune doesn’t go to her head and land her in even more trouble. Maybe she’ll learn her lesson. Then again, she’s going to play the daughter-in-law of a mob boss, as if she needs that sort of influence.


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