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DWTS Trivia: Romeo, Romeo – Where for art thou, Romeo? Voted off!

May 10th, 2011 at 10:54 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »



DWTS Trivia: Romeo, Romeo   Where for art thou, Romeo? Voted off! DWTS Trivia!

Voted OFF… Romeo, Romeo – Where for art thou, Romeo?

[May 10]

Dancing With The Stars 2011 was the year one fine young star took to the stage only to have his lack of voter support cause him bittersweet sorrow. Rap musician Romeo, one of the youngest competitors on DWTS to be transfromed by the show, is a green celebrity. Pouring his heart into every dance step to act as a role model for other kids growing up in rough times and rougher neighborhoods, the rapper went from gangster to teen gentleman before our eyes. His transfromation took him from tough guy to a dashing young gent with what judge Carrie Anne Inaba loved to call “Swagger”. Will young Romeo continue to make dance a part of his music career and perhaps add some live stage appearances someplace like Broadway in New York City in the near future? Fans watching the light from yon window breaking hope Romeo’s appearance on stage will include singing and dancing and hopefully some heartfelt stage and movie musicals now that he’s found the confidence to strive to attain new heights as an entertainer.

But what next for fair Romeo, now that he has been banished to Jimmy Kimmel faster than the fictional Romeo was sent to Verona. Romeo said he had turned down movie roles in the past because he was afraid he could not dance, but that is totally not the case any more, is it?

In everyday life off Dancing With The Stars, who is Romeo?

Bottom line — a guy who seems to be a talented and generally nice but misunderstood kid.

He is not a thug, despite any rap music star posturing. “Romeo Miller, Jr., better known by his stage name Romeo (previously Lil’ Romeo), is an American entertainer, actor, and basketball player…” reports Squidoo.

He is the son of entertainment mogul and entrepreneur Master P and former rapper Sonya C and nephew of C-Murder and Silkk the Shocker. He has so far released three studio albums and two compilation albums.

Romeo is also not some slum bound gang kid; he actually attended Beverly Hills High School like a bona fide 90210 kid in Beverly Hills, California. Talented athletically, Romeo was awarded a full athletic scholarship to play college basketball at the not so scary or street gang infested University of Southern California.

So why all the shoulder rolling and chest pumping behavior that made him sound both poor and uneducated?

Romeo, as a teen celebrity, fit his behavior to the game players in the world around him.

But according to him, Dancing With The Stars has changed him in a way that also helped former celebrity teen Kelly Osborne shed her own limitations of character.

Which begs the question…

Why did people fail to vote to keep young Romeo dancing in the final four of the 2011 DWTS dance competition?

We think that despite his willingness to work hard to learn new dances, to work to please the judges, and to dedicate his perfromances to his youth mentoring charity he simply was up against too tough a group of competitors to emerge victorious.

Chelsea Kane is an obvious standout as both Disney Princess and dancing with professional partner Mark Ballas. She is fierce, fast, personable, and knows how to work it (even if she has been unsuccessful in working the judges).

Kirstie Alley has such massive support as a well known and well liked older celebrity. People who remember her from the sitcom Cheers and who know about her struggles with celebrity diets and weight gain want the 60 something gal to at least make the final three even if she does not win it. Folks of a median age vote for Kirstie; median meaning from 30 to 80 years old in this odd situation. Romeo, on the other hand, has a much smaller fan base and is likely to have only garnered votes from a twenty something audience — because, quite frankly, the rap teen fan base is not hanging out at home on Monday and Tuesday nights pining away waiting to vote for him on DWTS or any of the other ballroom dance competition.

Chelsea Kane gets votes from parents of the children who enjoy watching her on the Disney Channel.

Then there is Ralph Macchio — the Karate Kid. Ironically, he is suffering a knee problem just like in his iconic teen movies. When Ralph said bottom line, no matter what the pain level was for him that he is at heart an entertainer, he won the public vote. Crane stance it is, Ralph — from the jeopardy position.

Hines Ward is just so darling and has all those NFL supporters. His smile is infectious — and not in a buggy way. He’s been a serious competitor who comes out week after week and makes everyone simply relax and enjoy his perfromance. Is he in it to win it? We think so (at least in spirit).

So that leaves the final four — making the final three feel like a choice of amputating a leg, an arm, the other leg, and a hoping to leave a head around to bobble. All of them are good, but only two are great.

So while Romeo went home this week (causing everyone to wince), the following week will be even more difficult to watch — as it is likely either Kirstie Alley or Ralph Macchio will be banished to sit on the couch of Kimmel’s late night television.


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DWTS Trivia: Romeo, Romeo   Where for art thou, Romeo? Voted off!


Kae Davis, host of Green Celebrity Network, is a civic minded adrenaline junkie and pop culture historian. Writing about celebrities going green is her passion. Sharing good news and helping promote small businesses and non-profit organizations by grass roots marketing is her specialty.

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