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Hollywood Gossip: Jennifer Aniston outed as Bad Boy groupie by which ex?

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Hollywood Gossip: Jennifer Aniston outed as Bad Boy groupie by which ex? Hollywood Gossip!

Jennifer Aniston outed as Bad Boy groupie by ex?

[May 7]

Jennifer Aniston‘s ex, Brian Bouma, has opened up about his time with the actress, admitting that he may have been too soft for her and that she likes the “bad boys,” says Perez Hilton. The star known for her former hairstyle called The Rachel, from her character on the sitcom Friends, met Brian Bouma on a stage set where she was working in Canada. He was a lighting technician.

She “aggressively pursued” him while on the set of Love Happens, he says of the actress. And that’s not all. Apparently Aniston is quite the domineering type in the bedroom. Bouma goes on to say that the star celeb called him “Mr. Pure,” and it wasn’t because she really liked clean sheets.

“I guess she just wasn’t that into me,” he said.

Bouma and Aniston dated secretly in 2008 after Aniston had met Bouma and invited him to spend 10 days in Los Angeles with her and also invited him to an Oscars party at the house of friend Courntney Cox, reports the Daily Mail. Bouma has said that she had him from the word hello, and, while the technicians aren’t supposed to get involved with the talent, he assures it was him being pursued. He said he was on the set for only seven hours, but she already had his attention.

“I had a crush on her. It was impossible not to. Jennifer knocked my socks off,” he said.

And he contests what a lot of people write about Jennifer Aniston, according to RadarOnline:

“All that’s written about her being lonely is just ridiculous,” he told Star. “I didn’t spend time with Jen because she was famous or successful. I’ve been down that road before. It usually mean trouble with a capital T. It was because of the conversation that first time we spoke. She’s genuine, sincere and charismatic.”

Jennifer Aniston went on to date John Mayer after her break-up with Bouma. The relationship with Mayer was on and off again for well over a year, according to rumors, though supposedly Mayer had split with Aniston in 2008, not long after they got together. Is Jennifer Aniston just too much for these guys? Who knows. Maybe she’s just looking for her Cyrano and Romeo wrapped into one.

But Brian Bouma has nothing but nice things to say about the actress. He calls her “genuine, sincere, and charismatic.” He calls her beautiful and talented as well, and he says she treats everyone with respect. Pretty high marks from the guy who got dumped.

“I guess she just wasn’t that into me,” Bouma has said.

According to website Spiceeze, Aniston is said to be “mortified” by the revelation of the once undercover relationship.

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