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Jesse James claims Kat Von D better in bed than Sandra Bullock on Howard Stern?

May 4th, 2011 at 9:26 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »



Jesse James claims Kat Von D better in bed than Sandra Bullock on Howard Stern? What a JERK!

Kat Von D better in bed than Sandra Bullock claims Jesse James publicly?

[May 4]

Mark this article into the editorial pile about bad celebrities in Hollywood. The colossal jerk Jesse James went live on Howard Stern to battle for the title of most foolish celebrity statements with David Arquette (another gem). His claims? That Kat Von D, the reality television star and celebrity tattoo artist he got engaged to less than a year after his very public break up with the lovely Sandra Bullock is that Kat is better in bed than Sandy. Could this man possibly find a way to be more publicly hurtful to the green celebrity?

Sandra Bullock had just won her first Academy Award when the celebrity scandal news hit that her beloved Jesse James, a husband she married with full faith in love and commitment in her heart, was a huge cheater. Not just a mechanic, the guy was an A List tool.

He has been secretly having flings with all sorts of strippers and tattoo models, reportedly while he was at the office of his famous garages where he built West Coast Choppers into an internationally acclaimed business.

What is wrong with this guy, only the Gods themselves know — but Jesse James betrayed Sandra Bullock so deeply, she essentially went into hiding (and America understood her reasons). What they did not know was that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James had secretly adopted a baby boy of African American heritage — and the celebrity couple was planning on releasing the news after the hype from the Oscars and her movie The Blindside was over.

Americans who are colorblind were shocked to find out that the woman who ratted Jesse James out (presumably so she and he could have an open relationship that would bring her fame) — one Bombshell McGee — was covered in tattoos, and some more seedy than others in their symbolism and history.

You see, Michelle McGee was herself a bombshell when photos emerged of her dressed in Nazi regalia followed by confirmation she actually had Nazi tattoos. Then came the photos of Jesse James making white supremacist jokes and modeling in Hitler salute postures.

And, of course, white supremacists who adopt black babies and whose wives win awards for movies where they play green celebrity moms who adopt kids from other races and love them to the ends of the earth just lose their edgy cool.

Could this be the reason why Jesse James elected to leave any mention of baby Louis out of his new memoir titled American Outlaw? Because he was again being a passive aggressive fool?

Now, to hear him come on Howard Stern and make such a gross statement to blatantly hurt Sandra Bullock more is just too far over the edge… too far pushing the envelope of proper ex etiquette.

The only consolation prize Sandy gets in this whole mess is she has remained quiet and a lady through the whole ordeal — and to know that Kat Von D, whatever her deal is with Jesse James, is likely to suffer the very same fate or worse with him than she.


Because the more Kat Von D feeds Jesse James ego and is willing to allow him to set the pace of the relationship by allowing him to act badly, for them both to have sex with other people in secret and it be okay, and for getting involved seriously with a man so obviously damaged and fresh out of a relationship can only lead to inevitable bad things.

However nice Kat Von D might be, you can see visibly she too is damaged — and look at her relationship history with Motley Crue band member Nikki Sixx (a now recovering heroine addict rock and roll star) — and just know she is addicted to the drama and intensity of being fringe-y.

And bottom line, when you live a hard core life addicted to emotional highs and lows, eventually the rest of the world outgrows you because you are BORING.

Perhaps that is why Gen X star Jesse James felt he needed to wreak havoc on his very settled down family life with Sandra Bullock. While America could look back and understand he had kids when he was young with a wild porn star, and they could love him for being a hero to “bad boys turned good” of all ages when he wooed and married Sandy, no one is forgiving him for what he did when he cheated.

Now, very few people of substance are willing to seriously listen to a word out of his mouth now that he’s come out to court Kat Von D.

Had he stayed single, been a great dad, and just screwed around with a bevy of “fourteen lovely ladies and two uglies” (funny sign spotted out fornt of a strip club), even we could have tried to take him seriously [here at GCN] when he made such a tearful apology to Sandy.

We could have cheered for his awakening (even if we don’t buy his sexual addiction or need for child abuse and low self esteem recovery).

But now… hearing him brag about bedding Kat Von D?

Forgeddaboutit, Jesse.

You are a douche like Jon Gosselin, David Arquette, and every other so-so celebrity or local playboy who cheats. Good for cleaning out the pipes once in a blue moon (perhaps) but ultimately only good for flushing.


Run screaming. Sell the rock and find yourself a painter or some other quiet type. You have the money — don’t waste your time on Jesse.

If you are smart, you might think about considering his character — as he is all flash and no dash of anything other than being a self-absorbed juvenile who has no empathy.


Ignore him. And her. And worry about raising yourself up from the mire while bringing up baby Louis. Find trustworthy friends you can quietly vent to when needed, laugh — a lot, and set aside special time each day to grieve privately. You will never get over his betrayal or Kat Von D taking your place at his side so quickly, but you will find out that he might have been what you thought you wanted but really did not need.

Once that realization sets in — you will be able to move forward in different directions guilt free.

And pray he and she stay together indefinitely.

Again, why?

Because those pesky phone calls from him wanting to hook back up and hilarious inevitable phone calls from her trying everything in her power to befriend you so she can sabotage that are irritatingly time-consuming.

Ten years from now, you will look back on the whole situation and still think the same thing you do right now.

At your core you think he is an idiot and she is a desperate skeeze who, although she probably means well, can’t pull herself out of the mire to ever be able to get a guy better than Jesse.

Trust your spider senses, Sandy — when they are tingling — and you will know you are right about them now, you will be right about them in the future, and no matter how bright and shiny their life appears to be when looking from the outside in, they are just reflecting a sheen of grease.

He is her high and your low, absolutely.




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Jesse James claims Kat Von D better in bed than Sandra Bullock on Howard Stern?


Kae Davis, host of Green Celebrity Network, is a civic minded adrenaline junkie and pop culture historian. Writing about celebrities going green is her passion. Sharing good news and helping promote small businesses and non-profit organizations by grass roots marketing is her specialty.

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