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President Obama on Oprah to refute Donald Trump, hides bin Laden intel?

May 2nd, 2011 at 12:32 am by Helium Leave a reply »



President Obama on Oprah to refute Donald Trump, hides bin Laden intel? Elections 2012!

President Obama and First Lady appear on Oprah to discount Trump week before verifying Osama bin Laden intelligence?

[May 2]

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on Oprah just hours after the White House released the long from birth certificate last week, demonstrating that President Obama was indeed born in Hawaii and not Kenya, as Donald Trump, his own wife, and grandmother have claimed. Some continue to criticize the president, saying that he should have released the birth certificate earlier. But most now have begun pulling their punches about the place of birth at least, and are expected to do so with increasing respectfulness now that Obama has released the infromation requested by Donald Trump and the Tea Party, and he made a fromal announcement that Osama bin Laden is dead.

Having the President of the United States on an afternoon talk show is less than dignified. But in her defense, Oprah Winfrey asked the tough questions like a big girl reporter. She asked Obama to clarify where he was actually born. And if he had the records all this time, proving he was born in Hawaii, why did he wait to release them at this stage of the game?

The president did a little sidestep, saying that he had generally treated the Birthers as a circus show, and he referenced the “carnival barkers” who really ought to be paying more attention to the things that matter to people. He couldn’t possibly be referring to Donald Trump, could he?

Come to think of it, we have seen that same hair on a carnie or two at local fair grounds over the years.

ABC reports President Barack Obama as saying:

“We are living in a very serious time.” Obama said, “And America has huge potential and opportunity to seize the 21st century.  We’re only gonna get there, though, if we have a serious conversation about the things that matter to people.”

Most of the fromal attacks among media outlets have died down regarding where the president was born, but many have simply redirected the questioning to why he waited, presenting another challenge. Of course, President Barack Obama does not have to explain, but detractors are sure to paint any silence in a negative light thanks to his campaign promises of White House transparency he certainly has not kept since taking office.

Even more interesting than why Obama refused to release birth records to the general public before now is the bigger looming debate about why Barack Obama waited to discuss intelligence on Osama bin Laden, whether he was dead or would be dead soon. [Skeptics still wonder.] That, and Barack Obama thinks bin Laden was not a leader of men but was a Muslim killer, plain and simple.

The full episode of Oprah with her interview with Barack Obama and Michelle Obama will air Tuesday, May 3, 2011. We here at GCN will be keeping up as well as the story unfolds, with or without Barack Obama making timely disclosures.

Regarding global interest in following the celebrity gossip, Telegraph UK reports:

Mr Obama and his wife, Michelle, took turns answering Winfrey’s questions during a taped interview at her studio, her first in 25 years with a sitting president and first lady.

Winfrey has announced that she’s ending her top-rated program on May 25 after a quarter-century on television.

Funny how Oprah Winfrey landing an interview with the President before ending her talk show is bigger news overseas than the Obama birth certificate proof controversy. Thanks Trump!

Will anyone overseas care Obama took a week to confirm the intelligence on Osama bin Laden until after he was dead? Or that we have no body as proof positive? It is unlikely, as Americans are the only people who seem to feel misled by Obama and his pledges of change and transparency.

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