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Little Monsters: Lady Gaga cat lady killer look inspired real pet death?

April 16th, 2011 at 3:47 pm by Helium Leave a reply »



Little Monsters: Lady Gaga cat lady killer look inspired real pet death? Celebrity Scandal!

Little Monsters learn shocking news as fan girl goes Gaga, killing family pet cat to make a dress?

[Apr. 16]

This is not a pet friendly news story. Preparing for a Lady Gaga show in Oklahoma City this week, one girl went wildly over the edge to imitate the iconic pop star, known for showing up to the MTV Music Awards in her now infamous meat dress. Angelina Barnes, 20, of Oklahoma City, drowned and mutilated the 15-year-old family cat while dressed in a Lady Gaga outfit and proceeded to cover her face in cat blood, according to Radar Online.

Relatives of Angelina Barnes came home to find all the lights in the home out, with duct tape over all the switches, preventing them from turning on any lights. In the bathroom, they found the cat, drowned in the bathtub and mutilated. The bathroom was covered in purple hair dye and cat blood, and the cat’s eyes had been poked out. The cat’s liver was found in a make-up box, according to The Huffington Post.

Apparently Angelina Barnes had first drowned the cat, then sliced it down the middle, using the cat blood to paint herself before the Lady Gaga concert. Following that, she mutilated the cat’s body. At least one of Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” got way out of control this time. Nobody knows if the disturbed girl intended to do anything else with the mutilated body as part of the concert costume.

Barnes was taken to Griffin Memorial Hospital, presumably for psychiatric treatment. CBS reports that Angelina Barnes attacked a nurse at the hospital with a piece of glass. Witnesses acknowledge that Barnes had been suffering from depression but said that the violent behavior was completely out of character for Barnes.

Out of character or not, this horrid attack raises the question of the influence stars like Lady Gaga have on their fans. Lady Gaga’s bizarre behavior on stage is just a perfromance — a piece of theater. But some fans take it way too far in the real world. To what degree should stars like Lady Gaga be held responsible for the influence they have on impressionable minds?

We’re sure a green celebrity like Lady Gaga would not condone Angelina Barnes and the mutilated cat in the pop-rocker’s name, and we’re hoping she takes the time to speak out to her “Little Monsters” about the difference between stage perfromance and sensible behavior in the real world. Most fans probably know already, but clearly some do not.



Lady Gaga supports the Alzheimer’s Association, Artists for Peace and Justice, Oxfam, and Stand Up to Cancer among other charities. She also recently designed a bracelet for sale, proceeds of which are going to benefit the Japan Tsunami relief effort. We applaud the charity work of green celebrities like her and hope they will speak out against senseless violence done in their name.

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