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Michael Jackson doctor outed for death day affairs with strippers?

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Michael Jackson doctor outed for death day affairs with strippers? Celebrity Scandal!

Michael Jackson doctor outed for death day affairs with strippers?

[Apr. 15 -- Update on Dr. Conrad Murray Trial for the celebrity death of Michael Jackson]

Appalling is the word that comes to mind to describe this sad celebrity scandal. Dr. Conrad Murray, once the personal physician of green celebrity superstar Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, may have been involved with at least three different women the day the superstar and green celebrity rocker died. Police say records show that Dr. Murray was on the phone with a cocktail waitress from Houston, where Dr. Murray keeps his offices, just minutes before Michael Jackson died, according to TMZ . Murray had met Sade Anding in Houston where she was working in a cocktail lounge at the time, and prosecutors believe she was a girlfriend of Murray’s, among several strippers.

From TMZ:

Prosecutors say the call proves Murray was paying attention to his girlfriend, and not MJ, during the critical period before Michael’s death.  And, prosecutors want to admit a $500 check that Murray wrote to Anding “after the two came back from a social outing.”

What the payment may have entailed is left to speculation. But prosecutors say Dr. Conrad Murray had conversations with two other women earlier on the day Michael Jackson died, June 25, 2009. Prosecutors also want to admit a text message from a stripper at Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas. They say text messages between the stripper, Michelle Bella, and Dr. Conrad Murray took place about 8:30 a.m. on the day Michael Jackson was reported dead. Another woman, Bridgette Morgan, says she called Dr. Murray the same day to ask about a plane ticket Dr. Murray reportedly was purchasing for her to fly her out to Jackson’s home.

Another stripper claimed she was working at Sam’s Hof Brau the night before the green celebrity died, and she said Dr. Conrad Murray was there late that evening, according to another report by TMZ. She reported she had seen Michael Jackson himself at the establishment one night after it had closed — “in a deep sleep,” says TMZ — in the weeks before Jackson died, and she also said that Dr. Murray had invited her to Jackson’s home in Holmby Hills.

The prosecution team said they intended to prove that Dr. Conrad Murray was drinking shortly before treating Michael Jackson. Presumably evidence that Dr. Murray may have been drinking before Jackson’s death, and evidence that he was on the phone with several women of questionable ties to the doctor, will be key in the prosecution’s case against Dr. Murray for involuntary manslaughter. Dr. Murray’s legal team however has denied allegations that the Dr. Murray was at Sam’s Hof Brau and further claims the doctor never drinks, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

Green celebrity superstar Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, following a treatment from Dr. Conrad Murray, including administration of Propofol, a powerful anesthetic usually reserved for surgery, and Valium (among other drugs) to help the pop singer sleep, according to the New York Times, following rehearsal for his “This Is It” tour.

Choreographer Kenny Ortega also reported in preliminary hearings for Dr. Conrad Murray, that Jackson had seemed lost and weak during rehearsals, and that he had argued with Dr. Murray over Jackson’s health. But during rehearsals on June 23 and June 24, “It was like the Michael we all knew and loved,” [Ortega] said, according to the L.A. Times.

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