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Celebrity Stalker: Wayward teen fixated on Sarah Palin daughter Willow?

April 15th, 2011 at 9:46 am by Helium Leave a reply »



Celebrity Stalker: Wayward teen fixated on Sarah Palin daughter Willow? Celebrity Stalker!

Sarah Palin stalker just a wayward teen after Willow — not Bristol Palin or their famous mother?

[Apr. 15]

Sarah Palin stalker, Shawn Christy, 19, may be up to something again. Sarah Palin certainly thinks so. Palin claims that Shawn Christy has recently threatened to rape her daughter. At first, it was unclear which daughter, but Palin has clarified that it is Willow the stalker is hunting, and “bothered [her] tremendously,” according to TMZ.

A judge has made a new temporary restraining order effective last week, and Sarah Palin is due to be in court on April 27 to make the TRO permanent if possible.

Just last month, the Sarah Palin stalker asked a judge to identify where Sarah Palin lives so he wouldn’t accidentally violate the restraining order by wandering too close. The restraining order restricts the Sarah Palin stalker from being within a mile of the Palin homestead. The judge had yet to rule on that particular request, although Sarah Palin has said that her stalker should simply stay away from homes in Alaska that he is not invited to, as if that would work.

According to AOL News, Shawn Christy, the Sarah Palin stalker, believes he had a sexual relationship with Sarah Palin that she should reveal to the FBI. Palin claims he has sent her a receipt for a gun in the mail (though how, if he didn’t know her address?) and that he has sent her harassing emails, one of which claimed that his plane had just landed in Alaska.

According to the New York Daily News, a friend of Palin’s said:

“When someone sends you proof that they’ve purchased weapons,” and says he knows where you live, then “it’s over the line and we need protecting,” Cole said in September, the Mat-Su Valley’s Frontiersman reported.

The Sarah Palin stalker says he began trying to contact Palin and John McCain, among other people associated with Palin, including her family, because he believed the Secret Service had tapped his phone. He admitted also to trying to contact Barack Obama. The Sarah Palin stalker has been visited by the Secret Service before, and he had been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, though nothing ever was found wrong with him, according to the Republican Herald website.

Two crazies trying to out-crazy one another, or is the Sarah Palin stalker really dangerous? She seems adamant that he could be, though despite insinuation, it seems he still has done nothing criminal. But Palin is trying to make the restraining order permanent. We’ll see what a judge has to say.


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