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Bill Cosby slams Donald Trump over presidential political scandal?

April 9th, 2011 at 9:30 pm by Helium Leave a reply »



Bill Cosby slams Donald Trump over presidential political scandal? Celebrity Scandal!

Actor Bill Cosby slammed Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump over presidential political scandal public comments?

[Apr. 9]

Green celebrity actor and comedian Bill Cosby knocked tycoon Donald Trump on Thursday’s edition of the Today show during a talk about education. Cosby stunned hostess Meredith Vieira when she mentioned having an upcoming election and that Donald Trump had just been on the show with her.

Donald Trump has been toying with the idea of running for president, but has said he will not announce anything until June 2011. Trump recently has been outspoken with criticism of President Barack Obama over questions of the president’s citizenship.

When the Today show hostess made mention of the upcoming election and that Donald Trump has been considering running, Cosby interrupted and said, “Oh, please with Donald Trump. Take him home with you.”

Asked why he said that, Cosby responded, “Because he’s full of it,” stunning the hostess into several seconds of silence.

The Today show hostess finally got her bearings and countered that Donald Trump has said he is not ready to announce running for president, to which Bill Cosby said that anyone can announce. Cosby made mention of someone on the Smothers Brothers show years ago announcing a run for president.

“You run, or shut up. But the only thing he’s running is his mouth,” Cosby said.

Bill Cosby continued to slam Donald Trump about running for president and continued to say that if he was going to do it, he should just do it. It leaves open the question of whether Cosby has some specific beef with Trump. But when Vieira said, “We’ll see if he runs,” the comedian and green celebrity Cosby got the audience laughing when he retorted, “Pfft! I don’t care!”

Bill Cosby didn’t espouse any particular political ideology, so there is no telling what he really is thinking. He did team up with a conservative organization, the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) for a live event in 2009, according to Politics Daily; and Cosby also criticized President Obama in 2009 for racially charged comments Obama made when Harvard professor Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested, as reported in the Christian Science Monitor. What is clear is he has no love for Donald Trump either.

“But if [Trump] runs, you have to take it seriously,” Vieira said.

“No, I don’t,” Cosby shot back. “Not him.”

Donald Trump, who still has to wrap up this season of Celebrity Apprentice has sparked the ire of Cosby, who thinks Trump needs to either get on with running for president or just stop talking about it. Donald Trump meanwhile has been outspoken in his criticism of President Obama with regard to producing a birth certificate, as reported in Time — something Trump so far has been unable to do himself.

Bill Cosby is a green celebrity outspoken in his support of educating improvements and funding. He also supports the Children’s Miracle Network and The Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation in memory of his son, murdered in 1997.

Donald Trump’s cast of green celebrity competitors on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice is donating to charitable causes for each of the celebrity contestants.

NOTE: Special thanks to Belky Says for the political scandal lead.

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