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Japanese Tsunami dog reunited with owner after high seas adventure?

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Japanese Tsunami dog reunited with owner after high seas adventure? Pet Friendly News!

Japanese Tsunami Dog reunited with owner but more pets and their owners need help?

[Apr. 8] — UPDATE

Following the 9.0 earthquake in Japan, the highest ever recorded in the nation’s history, the tsunami that devastated Japan left at least one dog alive. Nicknamed Tsunami Dog, the Japanese tsunami dog located a couple of miles off the coast of Japan, floating atop a roof amid the debris of a home, has been reunited with its owner.

From USA Today:

The unidentified owner, a woman in her 50s, saw a TV news report about the Japan Coast Guard’s rescue Friday and went to the animal care center in Tomiya, Miyagi Prefecture, NHK TV says.

The Japanese tsunami dog was rescued by the Coast Guard, three weeks after the tsunami devastated Japan. The tsunami dog was found floating nearly two miles out to sea after the devastating tsunami struck Japan, killing 20,000 people. The reports say the dog, a mixed breed named “Ban” was reunited with its owner, an unidentified woman, age 50.

The Seattle Times notes:

Several weeks after Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, a loose network of pet groups is working to provide many of the services for stranded and stressed animals that emergency services have been providing for people, including food, medicine and shelter.

Tsunami Dog is just one of the pets rescued following the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Some people have questioned the resources used to find pets instead of people, The Seattle Times reports, but others have said that those people who have lost homes and livelihoods following the tsunami are grateful to have their pets, which help the people reduce anxiety as they care for those animals they love.

When it comes to tsunami dog and the others who need help, Snoop Dogg also is helping the Japan tsunami relief effort:

Neff Headwear and the wrapper have teamed up to raise money for those affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami. The duo have designed a Japan relief t-shirt in which all profits will be donated to Operation USA, an international relief agency.

“I got so much love for Japan that when I heard about the recent disaster I knew I had to do what I could to help,” Snoop said in a statement.

Way to go, Snoop, helping your fellow doggs. Many other celebrities have stepped up to the plate, including pet-friendly Sandra Bullock and Gwen Stefani, who each have donated $1 million to the relief effort. Keep it up for the tsunami victims. While some insist that pets like Tsunami Dog are worth less time in the tsunami relief effort, these pets may help find their owners. Many still are lost following the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Do whatever you can to ensure they continue to be found and reunited with their pet friendly families by donating whatever money you can to any number of the worthy charitable causes like the Red Cross to aid Japanese Tsunami survivors and any pet organizations helping to shelter lost animals displaced by the earthquake, nuclear reactor meltdown, and the Tsunami tidal wave floods.


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