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Jennifer Aniston makes news claiming she wants to marry George Clooney?

April 6th, 2011 at 4:23 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »


Jennifer Aniston makes news claiming she wants to marry George Clooney? Star Celebs Gossip!

Jennifer Aniston makes headline news claiming she wants to marry George Clooney?

[Apr. 6]

Jennifer Aniston is a smart girl, there is no doubt. She keeps her name perpetually in the headlines and has a massive following of fans who love the girl next door gimmick the beauty queen has always cultivated and put out. One way she keeps her name in bright lights and bringing in the big bucks is by constantly posing for bikini shots — keeping her barely clad self always just in view of paparazzi photog cameras. Another is by using celebrity friends to land film roles, such as her latest major motion pic with Adam Sandler that already few people can remember. However, her major kudos maneuver to keep her name on the tip of every wagging tongue that follows Hollywood gossip (ourselves included here at GCN) is the very real fact she is forever keeping her love life in the headlines. This time, it is not a break up that has her name at the top of Google News — it is a proclamation that Jennifer Aniston made in a celebrity interview that claimed the hot Hollywood starlet famous for her celebrity hairstyle and playing a good girl on TV wants to marry and have celebrity kids with none other that her ex-husband Brad Pitt’s best friend George Clooney.


In a latest news report that ran across the headlines of Zimbio on April 6, 2011, author “JJ” reports:

Jennifer Aniston has grown weary of all the gossip surrounding her perpetually single status, but she has a solution that would undoubtedly end the cycle of speculation. Marry George Clooney. “That would definitely shut up the world!,” she told Britain’s Red magazine. “I could call up George, say, ‘Hun, let’s just get hitched and have kids.’ I should take George to lunch and we can figure out how to put an end to all this. Ha! Well, no.”

Quite the shocker to hear come from Jennifer Aniston since George Clooney is currently dating bikini swimsuit model Elisabetta Canalis and has been living with her for well over a year.


The surprising comment comes out like a quip at Hollywood tabloid and blog media sources, but really — considering that more than three-quarters of the press Jennifer Aniston gets is because of her “role” as wronged wife who had her man stolen by heartless green celebrity home wrecker Angelina Jolie?


Seriously, Jen…


If you want intelligent folks to believe that Angelina Jolie drew a line in the sand and set out to wreck your marriage by going after your man, why would you — even in jest — put out into the entertainment news world that you are offering yourself up on a platter for relationship overtures by the taken bachelor George Clooney?


While Elisabetta Canalis is said to have a great sense of humor, one can only imagine the tinge of ouch that hearing not only would such a famous movie star who has known her boyfriend personally for years would even consider him a dating target would pale in comparison to the sting of the news that you would consider marrying him and having kids. Why? Because he’s been quite open about the fact he has no intention of marrying her — and they celebrity couple have both stated that he does not want children and she is content to be a mother to her dogs in lieu of procreating with him.


Worse, while Jennifer Aniston is listening to alarm bells go off with regard to her biological clock, Elisabetta Canalis is actually at the prime of her life to be thinking about parenting. She’s in her 30s, while Aniston would need to consider having additional doctor’s care if she did try to have a child with George Clooney now that she is over 40. And, while having children as an older woman is no longer taboo, offering to have kids by another woman’s husband — especially while he is still romantically involved (if not legally) is simply in poor taste no matter how desperate you are to have kids biologically before adoption becomes your only option.


So, while Jennifer Aniston might have been making some ha-ha funny funny off the cuff remark, it was still thoughtless with regard to Clooney’s girlfriend. While the comment in the celebrity interview might have gotten Jennifer Aniston some free press, it certainly did nothing to help George Clooney — who makes his money with talent and not because he’s gotten his name in the tabloid press.


Bottom line, Jennifer Aniston should offer up a personal and public apology to George and Elisabetta even if the couple are not married — if nothing else but for dragging both their names into her celebrity gossip festival about who she’s dating, who she is not shagging any more, and who is defending her good name for having lost Angelina Jolie’s baby daddy Brad Pitt to that home-wrecking humanitarian.


[P.S. -- We love you, Ange... and our sincere apologies to Elisabetta.]

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Jennifer Aniston makes news claiming she wants to marry George Clooney?


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