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Green celebrities tweet support for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims

March 11th, 2011 at 6:17 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Green celebrities tweet support for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims Green Celebrity News!

Green celebrities tweet support for earthquake and Tsunami victims in Japan —

Have you taken a moment to share a tweet of support and positive words of encouragement for the earthquake and Tsunami victims of Japan? The following green celebrities already have — and were given a friendly pat on the back by EW entertainment journal for doing so. EW shared the following list of verified celebrity tweets on March 11th after their staff themselves learned the news about the tragedy.

They write:

After the devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit Japan in the early hours of the morning here in the United States, actor/director Jon Favreau was among the first celebrities to tweet a reaction. “Our prayers go out to the people of Japan,” he wrote. That was roughly nine hours ago, and since, many celebrities, some with ties to the country and Hawaii (where tsunami warnings were issued earlier this morning), have tweeted words of support.

Carrie Ann Inaba
“Woke up ever so grateful for all that is, was and will be. Amen….Have a beautiful day everyone. You are all very special and unique.”

“All our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan…”

Brooke Burke
“Watching the devastating coverage if the Tsunami. my kids are asking so many questions that I cant answer.”

Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park
“Thoughts and prayers go out to people of Tokyo and surrounding areas.”

Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries
“I’m so so so sorry Japan as well as everywhere and everyone effected by this horrific event. Speechless. Help is on the way”

George Takei
“Today we are all Japanese. Give $10 to help. Text REDCROSS to 90999, or click Pls RT!”

Darren Criss, Glee
“I don’t care what you believe in, send prayers to all those in harm’s way in Japan. I know I am. #prayforjapan”

Pauley Perrette, NCIS
“If you know people in any of countries where Tsunamis are headed. wake them up. There are still a few hours to evacuate #prayforjapan”

Despite themselves aiming to praise the green celebrities for helping to bring awareness to what surely will be the next humanitarian cause to follow in Hollywood, many fans commenting were skeptical of the star celebs sincerity.

While the eco celebs and humanitarians shared heartfelt reaction to the Asian crisis, comments were made indicating that the Hollywood elite should have been grabbing a pen to stroke a check rather than writing their on best Twitter status updates the could generate to show mass support in 140 characters or less.

While this point may be true — that those more able to donate should be encouraged to do so — it is actually the star power of Hollywood environmental celebrities that make a culture of humanitarian giving sustainable.

When well-known celebrities and prominent members of society use social media wisely (like the green tech innovations it should be), they help draw awareness to causes. By bringing spotlight attention to a wide variety of charity benefits, charitable giving opportunities, and social causes as a collective group — they actually help reach such a wide-spread demographic from an online marketing and publicity angle that their tweets (although short and sweet) are both retweeted widely and highly effective.

To that end, GCN would like to take a moment to comment the green celebrities, to thank EW for posting their words to the mainstream media, and to ask folks to retweet this message with a kind thought and a follow-up prayer for Japan or a timely and appropriate donation to any non-profit organization like the Red Cross who are known for reaching disaster victims thanks to the ability to mobilize their efforts quickly.

If you agree that Hollywood movie stars, music performers, and television actors and actresses have the power to do good in society through the effective use of green tech and social networking… be sweet — please give this article a google +1 and retweet.




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Green celebrities tweet support for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims


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