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Twilight News: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fun Oscars surprise?

February 26th, 2011 at 1:13 pm by Helium Leave a reply »

Twilight News: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fun Oscars surprise? Twilight News!

Twilight fans rejoice at news that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart special guest appearance might be the fun Oscars 2011 surprise?

[Feb. 26]

Oscars producer Bruce Cohen has confirmed the Oscars has a special surprise for Twilight fans and the internet is abuzz with rumors about what it might be. Sources say Kristen Stewart won’t be attending the Oscars on Sunday and Robert Pattinson might attending, pending his filming schedule for Breaking Dawn. Now fans are wondering if Pattinson and Stewart may actually be available to present at the Oscars together! Wow-wee!!

“For all of you Twi-hards out there we have a little surprise for you on our show Sunday night,” says Bruce Cohen.  ”If you like those three films: watch the Oscars!”

But who knows? Twilight fans would be just as eager to see a trailer for Breaking Dawn, being filmed now in Vancouver and keeping Robert Pattinson occupied. IMDb still has Robert Pattinson listed as a presenter, either way, but wouldn’t it be just awesome if Pattinson and Kristen Stewart could both present at the Oscars and be there to show a trailer for Breaking Dawn?! Hot!!

From E! Online:

Sources close to Rob tell us that there is a “slight chance” he will be here in Los Angeles to present at the Oscars with his Water for Elephants costar Reese Witherspoon.

Filming can be so unpredictable that unless it’s 100 percent, an announcement won’t be made.

A source close to Rob tells us that conversations are taking place to “see if it will happen.”

Still no word on what happened to Breaking Dawn Gen Me star Kristen Stewart’s wrist, though sources say it may have happened while filming. Kristen Stewart is keeping a low profile as always — dark sunglasses, hidden face — but the bright blue cast on her wrist peeked through at LAX last Friday.

The studio is keeping quiet about it also, maybe hoping to avoid spoilers about Breaking Dawn.

It may be why Twilight star Kristen Stewart is not listed to present at the Oscars 2011 television event tomorrow. Even a hint that the injury might have happened on the set of Breaking Dawn is getting people excited though. This could be even more action-packed than Eclipse!

A source close to actress Kristen Stewart assures us she’s fine: “Kristen is totally OK. It’s much ado about nothing.” Stewart was already back on the set and filming again as of a few days ago.

Whatever the case, Twilight fans are just eager for the Oscars tomorrow, wondering what the big surprise is going to be. If they get to see Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart present together … just WOW!

But, heck, if the fans get a sneak peek at the new Twilight film Breaking Dawn — the one that may be so action-packed as to injure Kristen Stewart’s wrist — it would be nearly as good.

We’re just hoping it won’t be an Oscars Twilight spoof. That would just be cruel, guys.

Oscars presentations over the last few years have been a little, shall we say, dry? We’re hoping for something really special for Oscars 2011. You’ve got us hyped for the Oscars this year thanks to the Twi-hard teaser!

Don’t let us down, Twilight cast or Oscars 2011 crew! While everyone is excited to see actress Anne Hathaway and actor James Franco host the 2011 Academy Awards, we all want to see Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson live on stage again together. Maybe Robert Pattinson will even be seen kissing Kristen Stewart in public this year!

And PS… please bring along Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli and Taylor Lautner. The Oscars show just would not be the same without an assortment of Vampires and Werewolves socializing together.

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