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Celebrity Hairstyles: Jennifer Aniston new haircut too ugly for hair stylists to copy?

February 26th, 2011 at 3:33 am by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Celebrity Hairstyles: Jennifer Aniston new haircut too ugly for hair stylists to copy? Celebrity Hairstyles!

Friends television show beauty icon Jennifer Aniston new haircut too ugly to copy or what?

[Feb. 26]

Oh, Jen! What happened, girlfriend? The new Jennifer Aniston haircut is pretty much a flop on the flattering celebrity hairstyle success-o-meter as a glam do. Now, American ladies who like to go get their hair done by a beauty stylists are shuddering at the thought they will no longer be fashionable if they ask their celebrity hair stylist for The Rachel, and instead must ask for this overly Lemon yellow colored blonde modified blunt cut pseudo bob. Ew.


We hate to admit this, but the look is really one that is frumpy on a Hollywood Diva. Jennifer Aniston shows her thick mane blown dry pin straight and parted just slightly to the side. The cut itself is not overwhelmingly flattering to her somewhat long facial features, and while the shorter blunt cut that looks razored might be a more contemporary looking length for her beach going days to come in spring and summer, on the red carpet, the look is very blah.


Moreover, the lemon yellow highlights are simply not the right shade of blonde for the Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. To look her best, her often times ruddy skin complexion warms with a mix of warm chestnut and a mix of blonde frost that leans away from the brassy tony and instead emulates the looks of ivory, tan, and caramel colored cashmere.


Will the Jennifer Aniston new haircut still set hairstyle trends at salons and Hair Cuttery fast beauty barber shops nationwide despite the very real fact the hairstyle really ought to be considered too ugly to copy by anyone over the age of 10? Sadly, that answer about Jennifer Aniston’s ability to set for better or for worse trends in women’s hairstyles is YES.


Hairdressers from around the country are already having women ask to copy the heavily blonde foil look and what appears to be a razor cut on Jennifer Aniston’s thick locks.


On a positive note, women who like to copy to the socialite look of the women on REAL HOUSEWIVES are not buying the hype surrounding the new Jennifer Aniston haircut.




Because Jennifer Aniston and her celebrity stylist rationalized the “mom just cut my hair and I bleached it with old school Clairol” brassy celebrity hairstyle by saying Jennifer Aniston was afraid of looking like any woman on the reality television show Real Housewives, that’s why. And that justification (in and of itself) is why actress Jennifer Aniston might have actually lost a few fans.


Besides, when actress and fashion critic Joan Rivers comes out and says even she is so bored with Jennifer Aniston looks and career gossip (which she just dis to US Magazine when asked about the new Jennifer Aniston haircut), you know your looks is a going to be a bust.


As such, one word of advice, ladies –


Don’t copy a celebrity hairstyle look that even otherwise gorgeous Jennifer Aniston can’t even pull off.


We bet even otherwise plain Jane self – stylist actress Angelina Jolie (the new girlfriend and baby mama of Jennifer Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt) is laughing at this one…


Hopefully, someone clues her in to ditch that celebrity hairstylist quick before all the women in America cut, copy, and paste her new magazine pics look on their bathroom mirrors like they did The Rachel.

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Celebrity Hairstyles: Jennifer Aniston new haircut too ugly for hair stylists to copy?


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