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Justin Bieber News: Biebs new haircut Hot or Not in teen celebrity land?

February 24th, 2011 at 9:18 am by Helium Leave a reply »

Justin Bieber News: Biebs new haircut Hot or Not in teen celebrity land? Justin Bieber News!

Biebs new haircut hot or not in teen celebrity land?

[Feb. 24]

So Justin Bieber got his new haircut on the set where he was filming a new music video with Rascal Flatts. He argued that he needed to “change it up” and that the new haircut looks more “mature”. Many agree that the new haircut looks more mature, but many more of his fans are stuck on the Beatles style bowl cut. They can’t get enough of it. Like Jennifer Aniston, Justin Bieber has created his own hair style that fans all over have tried to imitate. Maybe he should run with it and call it The Biebs. And fans are wondering if Bieber may grow his hair back out as he has in the past.

Biebs, oh Biebs, why hast thou forsaken us?

From the Zeitgeisty Report:

“I am so sad that he went to the messy “I could be in a vampire kinda show” look,”  said singer and hair inspiration guru Bobby Goldsboro.

“He had a whole thing going because of the hair.  Now that he’s taken the hair up and off his face you can kinda see that he’s a little creepy looking.

“His head is shaped like an alien head — and that’s saying a lot coming from a guy as homely as I am.  He could have been a style setter if he had gone retro-punk or something but instead he opted to look like everybody else.   That’s just a dagburn shame.  My 9-year-old granddaughter saw him on TV and he frightened her.

That may not be the fairest portrayal of the reaction fans are having to the new haircut. The wide-eyed look stems from Bieber’s portrayal as a troubled teen bomber recently killed off in an episode of CSI. I mean, come on folks, he was trying to look crazy. He was trying to portray a dark side — a crazy side. That was the whole point.

He did a good job apparently.

Maybe he would have done a better acting job with the new haircut — felt freer, you know — changed things up. Maybe the new haircut is a result of his engagement with the drama series and his new-found love of acting. But his first love is still music and singing. Perhaps he doesn’t care if his haircut looks like everyone else as long as he doesn’t sing like everyone else too.

Whether you like Bieber’s haircut or not, the fact remains that he is a talented singer and actor. He is still going up, up, up. If you’re jealous, you should be. This down-to-earth teen heartthrob is going places. Let him experiment. And if he wants to grow his hair back out, he will. Nothing is stopping him. Right now, he needs a change, and the haircut was the way to do it, and that sounds like a good thing. Bieber is young. He’s living his life.

Biebs, don’t grow your hair back out just yet … but maybe consider it … for the fans who will undoubtedly miss your ridiculous trademark look of the modified Beatles Bangs celebrity hairstyle?

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