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Red Carpet Fashion: Willow Smith sets new footwear trend at Grammys?

February 16th, 2011 at 4:26 pm by Dee in Hollywood Leave a reply »

Red Carpet Fashion: Willow Smith sets new footwear trend at Grammys? Red Carpet Fashion!

Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and sister to brother Jaden Smith, sports high heel sneakers on the Grammys red carpet —

[Feb. 16]


While the ladies of the Grammy Awards Red Carpet were wearing 4 inch, 6 inch heels and goodness knows they were uncomfortable, Willow Smith took to sneakers. High heel sneakers to be exact.


Willow Smith had on high heel sneakers at the 2011 Grammy Awards, and her bold fashion statement is expected to set a new trend for upcoming proms and spring fromal dances at high schools across America.


Perfect for the young performer, the high heel sneakers Willow Smith wore to the Grammys were both fun and fashionable. However, many suspect the cute look might be a little bit un-sexy glamorous for teens to really embrace the hot new trend in celebrity kids fashion.


The young performer who was at the 53rd Annual Grammys to show support for her brother Jaden Smith and good friend Justin Bieber hit the red carpet prior to catching her seat.


Looking cool for a young performer, the kid had a nice outfit on, but the shoes are what caught our eye when this writer watched her walk past me on the red carper on the Grammy Awards night. The two plus inch sneakers were a serious rise for the young starlet and she pulled the high heel sneaker look off fine.


At first, when you see the shoes, they look like a regular pair of sneakers, but under closer inspection, the lift of the show gives it a fashion that can’t be beat. Now only was Willow Smith taller at the Grammys red carpet, we bet she was comfortable.


Those shoe most likely didn’t pinch any toes, make any sores or otherwise injure her feet. Which probably made celebrities like Katy Perry and Rihanna real jealous. The fans, who Willow always caters to, definitely weren’t disappointed as they got the chance to see real fashion for the younger crowd without going sexual.


What do you think? Will high heel sneakers be a trendy fashion item your would drop designer dollars on for your teen or tween? Is the look hot or not? Tell us in the comments section below.


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