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Grammy Performances: Mick Jagger rocks 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, no BS?

February 16th, 2011 at 7:08 am by Dee in Hollywood Leave a reply »

Best Grammy Performances!

Mick Jagger rocks, no lip sync BS from the rock music legend as he schools the younger Grammy performance kids on how to woo a live audience —

[Feb. 16]


Mick Jagger owned the Grammys stage in the eyes of the live television audience while the Grammys frontman sang and danced in almost a live tribute to himself at the Grammy Awards 2011. Offering no lip sync choreographed dance routine, his live performance at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards was no BS. Somehow the sexy grandpa commercial by GEICO came to mind while we were watching him, as the “I ain’t your daddy I’m your grandpa” vibe poured out of him.


The Rolling Stones concerts Mick Jagger has done for more than 40 years prepared him well for his live performance at, the Grammy Awards 2011. The rock star had what appeared to be absolutely no jitters.


While Dr. Dre made his 10 year come back on stage with Eminem and Rihanna at the 2011 Grammy Awards and his stage presence was impressive, the Rolling Stones band lead singer Mick Jagger, advancing into his senior years without slowing down on stage in concert for short numbers even a bit was the mega Grammys 2011 ceremony live performer hit.


Mick Jagger knew he scored big with his lead vocals and Mick Jaggar dance moves and waving and pointing hand gestures — and he did not need to throw around any angry white guy vibes to amp up his spirit. His Los Angeles performance live at the Staples Center on Grammy Awards night was an honor to watch, and kid friendly as a music history moment whether or not you were there watching the live Grammys performance of seeing Mick Jagger singing at the Grammys beamed in by satellite.


The impression Mick Jagger left on the crowd who saw him perform live was a bit different that the reaction of fans who watched Mick Jagger sing from the comfort of their own home and then reacted Twitter, though.


Some Twitter commentators jeered, poking fun at his erratic energy as being hyped up, over dramatized, and those unfamiliar with the history of the music legend made fun of his thin legs, big lips, old guy hair, and blamed speed and caffeine in the Green room for his wild jitters. There were hundreds of negative remarks on the days following the Grammy awards show, and most tried to spin the Mick Jagger nasty bards to sound funny, but none were really humorous in the 72 hour tweet surge about the #GRAMMYS on February 14th (on Valentine’s Day), 15th on a very slow #EcoMonday as lovers headed back lethargically to work, and into the early hours of the 16th as the special event Tweet traffic returned to normal.


But those comments, while funny to viewers at home, were dumb — as the murmur of the crowd in the live studio audience was Mick Jagger was the best live performance of the 2011 Grammy Awards.




Because Mick Jagger showed the younger entertainers in the house on that Grammy Awards Sunday night what classic rock and roll was all about. In a fashion that only Jagger could share, he brought down the house dancing around the stage and giving us some of those hip moves that we only see at the concerts.


Wearing a shiny turquoise sheen emerald green smoking jacket that bounced as he moved about the Grammys stage, the man wasn’t about to be restricted for his music. Except, of course, by his ultra tight skinny jeans in black — which he wore balanced out with (and this was funny) black grandpa tennis shoes.


There was no Christina Aguilera trips at Grammys celebrity oops moment or Justin Bieber back up dancer falls hard on stage Grammy disaster moment for Mick Jagger thanks to his sensible footwear!


He focused his energy from side to side of the stage so everyone got the chance to see the rock legend in action. Mick Jagger’s performance, one of the few that could actually be considered classic rock definitely covered all the genres as people from country as well as hip hop were moving their hips and enjoying the chance to listen live.


As one person attending the Grammys who was on the floor of Staples commented, they wished that Jagger was their grandfather, but old or not, the man moved the audience and had them on their feet in grand style. Which is more to say than some of the other entertainers who had a great performance on camera but didn’t delight the audience quite as much.


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