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Red Carpet Fashion: Katy Perry Angel Wings vs. Lady Gaga Egg Publicity?

February 14th, 2011 at 7:07 am by Dee in Hollywood Leave a reply »

Red Carpet Fashion: Katy Perry Angel Wings vs. Lady Gaga Egg Publicity? Grammy Awards 2011!

Singer Katy Perry hit the red carpet of the 2011 Grammy Awards wearing angel wings to get attention… but her pretty in pink publicity stunt was not quite enough to out-do provocative Lady Gaga who wore a yolk colored gown and hatched from a Born This Way egg —

[Feb. 14]

The fashion statement was so wrong it was right. What NOT to wear to a Valentines Day theme Grammy Awards — angel wings or an egg inspired yolk dress? Correct answer — both outfit ideas were well received by the Grammy night audience. But, believe it or not, the Valentine cupid angel wings on the Katy Perry dress were not enough to out do Lady Gaga for sex appeal in the eyes of the Twitter audience. When Lady Gaga pulled yet another fame monster move in her hatching egg chair lift and emerged later on stage in a yolk like hat and gown, the singing fashionista ended up out doing the cutesy wings of the teenage dream celebrity in her romantic costume when it came to looking chic, trendy, fit, and — “born this way” cool.


Katy Perry wasn’t going to be flying high except on a swing chair during her musical number, but she still had a beautiful pair of wings on for the Grammy’s red carpet.

The entertainer who planned to be perfroming a St. Valentines Day theme number during the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards definitely thought about her fashion wisely as it was stunning.

Wearing a pair of wings was only part of the beauty. The Armani fashion was splendid for the angel on the red carpet as she didn’t miss a beat.

Looking straight ahead the flashes of the photographers cameras made the sequins reflect in every direction, as though her top was lit up from the beauty.

The wings, while definitely groovy, didn’t out do Lady Gaga’s Egg. The other fashion trend setter (or better named attention getter) showed up sealed in a life-size egg on the Grammys red carpet.

Obviously hyped up moment for the upcoming perfromance of ‘Born This Way’ on the Grammy stage, Perry shouldn’t feel bad as nobody could beat the egg moment.

One thing other than the angel wings on her dress did make singer Katy Perry stand out from the star celebs in Hollywood on the red carpet crowd.

Believe it or not, Katy Perry wasn’t flying solo when she hit the red carpet to pose for photos. She actually brought her 90 year old grannie, now known as Katy Perry’s Grammy, as a date to the special event.

The perfect fashion accessory, Katy Perry’s sweet grandmother was darling — also wearing Armani and carrying a bedazzled looking cane her celebrity granddaughter gave her as a birthday gift earlier in the year.

New husband Russell Brand arrived to join her on the red carpet at the 2011 Grammy Awards, and soon thereafter his images were displayed on the back of a giant dress skirt while Katy Perry perfromed the first part of her soulful solo number. The special effects crew actually beamed wedding video footage onto the draped screen that was made to look like a long bridal gown train.

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