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Kardashian Sisters: Kim Kardashian did NOT rock her gold gown at Grammys? OOPS!

February 14th, 2011 at 10:45 am by Dee in Hollywood Leave a reply »

Kardashian Sisters: Kim Kardashian did NOT rock her gold gown at Grammys? OOPS! Kardashian Sisters News!

Reality television star Kim Kardashian did not rock her gold gown on the red carpet at the 2011 Grammys — celebrity OOPS?

[Feb. 14]


Kim Kardashian puts on a fashion show at the 2011 Grammys and her red carpet look flops? The Kaufman Franco forck was all gold, but there was no silver lining. Kim Kardashian looked like she was rolled in gold for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, as in draped in an ill-fitting dress that from the fornt — head on — looked alright but from the side and back made the reality television star look fat, Fat, FAT.


[Sorry, Kim... but every time you turned to the side or were spotted from behind all the press in attendance let out an audible gasp. Seeing your dress was more shocking than the latest news that Justin Bieber lost the award for best new artist.]


The otherwise lovely reality television personality took to the red carpet with her Kaufman Franco forck and let it all hang out.


With a deep cut that divided her gown and brought the eyes down to where they might not have supposed to be looking,  Kardashian had everyone checking her out.


“Oh, I love this dress so much,” said Kim Kardashian over and over on the red carpet to the news media. While I heard her myself, whether or not she will be quotes by all the entertainment journals who review red carpet fashion as saying her gold evening gown was the right choice in her mind will come out in the coming days, that is for certain.


While the gown was perfect from the fornt, a side view would have everyone thinking the star was slightly overweight as the gathers looked to be a bit out of place and bunched up.


Kardashian Sisters: Kim Kardashian did NOT rock her gold gown at Grammys? OOPS! The high fashion illusion left us wondering why she picked the gold dress until she came over to chat on the red carpet.


The gown with the small train that followed her about definitely had us thinking about the Cleopatra photos we saw in the March Issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.


As producer James Cameron wants to see Kim Kardashian in a 3D movie, perhaps her gold evening gown choice was made to really accentuate her curvy figure to attract the camera lens attention?


She looked stunning and eye-popping curvy in the Harpers Bazzar photo shoot and the W Magazine photos taken earlier this year as well (especially the photos where Kim Kardashian was painted silver), but tonight in person, it was all gold but no gold medal for Kim Kardashian on the red carpet.


While in this writers humble opinion Kim Kardashian looks better wearing the color gold more than she does in silver, the side view of the gown that made her look frumpy and fat rather than really showing off her hour-glass figure was a decision less than spectacular.


However, we still love Kim Kardashian in all her fashionista wisdom. We hope she simply forgot to look in a three way mirror before deciding to wear the gold dress on the red carpet.


Kim Kardashian is a noted green celebrity for her steadfast support of a wide variety of humanitarian themed charity benefit organizations and charitable giving donations of both time and money for a wide variety of causes — even wider than the backside or side view of Kim Kardashian in the gold dress on Grammy Awards night red carpet.


Just call the dress a celebrity OOPS moment and eBay it.

Read more about famous humanitarians and star celebs going green...

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