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Justin Bieber robbed at mic point by Grammy Nominations voters?

February 14th, 2011 at 5:57 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Justin Bieber robbed at mic point by Grammy Nominations voters? Justin Bieber Belieber News!

Pop music teen idol Justin Bieber robbed at mic point by Grammy Nominations voters?

[Feb. 14]

Justin Bieber gets bypassed at the Grammys? No awards for young performer on evening of February 13th, 2011. Could it be because his career was helped along in his career by Hollywood veterans Justin Timberlake and Usher? Or maybe because so many of the young singers on stage dance routines and numbers have his songs lip synced to a pre-recorded track so the Biebs can get his groove on?

Justin Bieber may have perfromed his heart out in a lip sync dance routine at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, but that doesn’t mean he got to actually appreciated. Bieber was overlooked during the show when it came it handing out the awards as he didn’t end up on stage for any other reason.

Looking awkward and definitely disappointed, the young entertainer seemed rather confused when he wasn’t awarded the ‘New Artist of the Year.’ Instead, the award went to an artist that never uses a pretend mic to do a song and dance routine at all, instead relying on musical talent in concert rather than electronic vocals back up, the relatively unknown female vocal talent with the funny name Esperanza Spalding.

The television viewer camera was focused on his face and perhaps a little too close as we got to see his full startled and disappointed expression. Sitting in the live studio audience, I heard and felt the room let out a collective gasp.

The award ceremony usually doesn’t have too many surprises, but this definitely was an upset.More than an upset, the news Justin Bieber lost was upsetting (to say the least).

Leaving a mark on the stage, there isn’t any way the academy didn’t notice how hard Justin Bieber has worked over the past few years, even if that meant they needed to go to the movie theater to see the new 3D Never Say Never film that came out this February. 

The Bieber nation is mad and that is saying it politely. The twitter stream since midway through the Grammy show on Sunday night has been filled with angry messages because fans think Bieber has been robbed. Even parents of Beliebers are annoyed and angry, as the American dream of being discovered on YouTube and rising as a teen star to be the cream of the crop was, in all reality, inspiring for teens and ‘tweens.

To vote Bieber out just seems like jealous adults were acting snarky and angry and casting a vote for a girl whose name they had never seen. Even E! Online news was left asking who the $#*$ is Esperanza Spalding?

While the competition is fierce during the award show, there isn’t any doubt if Justin Bieber fans had their say, they would have had him on stage. Fair or not, Justin Bieber goes home empty handed with a bit of Lady Gaga egg on his famous face for what may be acting too cocky — or for lip syncing like a pop music pro during his dance routines.

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Justin Bieber robbed at mic point by Grammy Nominations voters?


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