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Grammy Performers: Justin Bieber Hair Mojo stolen by Esperanza Spalding?

February 14th, 2011 at 10:42 pm by Belky Says Leave a reply »

Grammy Performers: Justin Bieber Hair Mojo stolen by Esperanza Spalding? Grammy Performers!

Esperanza Spalding stole Justin Bieber’s Crazy Hair Mojo?

[Feb. 14]

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Humanitarian and singer Justin Bieber, nominated for an award at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards is winning fans worldwide for his most recent endeavor, a 3D movie called Never Say Never that tells of his rise to fame.  As a child star and associate of pop star Usher, he has quickly gained a fan following through social media utilities such as Facebook and Twitter.  So say his super power is his musical talent, while most think his Justin Bieber hair cut was what gave the teen idol his magic mojo.

A quick search of YouTube will show you several videos of his many talents.  He graced the Grammy Music Awards with his elegant white tuxedo and with a new hair cut! With a stellar perfromance with Jaiden Smith, we really thought he was going to get the Grammy, but minus those horrible magic Beatles bangs, Justin Bieber was lacking the mojo that would have netted him the 2011 Grammy Awards win for Best New Celebrity.

Justin Bieber got beat by a girl named Esperanza Spalding — who did not look surprised at all to steal the award from him. Which, of course, is making people wonder not only who she is but who she knew behind the scenes to help her win enough votes to oust the Biebs and help her heads home with the highest honor for a newcomer from the Grammys.

Come to think of it, she had some pretty wild hair herself. Did Esperanza Spalding steal Justin Bieber’s mojo?


Reactions from fans in Twitter?

Green Celebrity Stats: Justin Bieber, actor and singer.

Justin Bieber has donated his time and money to foundations such as Give Back Hollywood and Jumpstart.

Did Esperanza Spalding steal the Grammy Award from Justin Bieber? Has she got the magic hair cut or what?

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Grammy Performers: Justin Bieber Hair Mojo stolen by Esperanza Spalding?


Belky Says is a Freelance Writer and licensed couples therapist who loves talking about celebrity couples. Her column BELKY SAYS! addresses all levels of communication from small talk and casual conversation to the in-depth discussion of complex social issues. Belky is a vegetarian, an active supporter of gay marriage, LGBT civil rights, and an eco-friendly humanitarian. Follow her on Twitter @belkysays.

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