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Celebrity Hairstyles: Justin Bieber going bald already? See funny photos here!

February 12th, 2011 at 7:52 am by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Celebrity Hairstyles: Justin Bieber going bald already? See funny photos here! Celebrity Hairstyles!

Justin Bieber going bald to set a new trend celebrity hairstyle, seriously? Not yet… right now he is just promoting the launch of his new 3D movie about his Hollywood life story –

Justin Bieber is going bald. What? Seriously? Never say never says the young green celebrity Biebs!

Actually, the Biebs went on Jimmy Kimmel live January 10th (11th) and to the delight of parents with teen boys around the world had a chance to see him do a spoof skit where he shaved his head completely.

[Keep in mind this is what most parents who hate, Hate, HATE his Generation Me haircut have wanted to do since the young man first made the teen celebrity scene following being discovered on YouTube by R&B singer Usher... and that we are all dreading seeing with our kids in 3D now that the Justin Bieber life story movie hits theaters today for fans anxiously awaiting.]

It was all just a joke — but the pictures are worth a thousand words, seriously.

Just Jared reported the skit details from the late night television talk show as follows:

Justin Bieber “shaves off” his luscious locks while making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday (February 10).

“I look like Michael Jordan,” Justin said. “It’s going to help me be more aerodynamic on the basketball court. [And people] will focus on my beautiful, silky-smooth vocals.”

“I think the girls will be upset, but they will get over it,” Justin added.

Justin’s movie Never Say Never hits theaters everywhere today!

As for those of you out there who are not familiar with Justin Bieber yet (namely most people over the age of 40), he is the hottest commodity on the Hollywood teen scene.
Celebrity Hairstyles: Justin Bieber going bald already? See funny photos here! Not only is the boy cute and can sing, he’s got a nice personality and a sense of humor. He knocked it out of the park in a skit with actress Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live back in 2010 and cracked everyone up when the pop music singer did a green tech Super Bowl commercial with rock star Ozzy Osbourne in 2011.
He is also already a noted green celebrity at the age of 16 for his volunteer work with Larry King to help the residents of New Orleans recover from the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (courtesy of BP).
Thanks for the funny photo op, Justin Bieber! Your willingness to poke fun at yourself in jest in a way that was sweet and not crass was truly cute and appreciated by many.
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Celebrity Hairstyles: Justin Bieber going bald already? See funny photos here!


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