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Green Light on Bill Clinton: Liberal ex-president turns Vegan?

January 23rd, 2011 at 12:16 am by Winston C. Rose Leave a reply »

Green Light on Bill Clinton: Liberal ex president turns Vegan? Green Light on Bill Clinton!

[Jan. 22 -- Editorial]

Greetings Green Celebrity Networkers!

I hope you enjoyed the Spot Light on Jay-Z and other articles I’ve written. If you haven’t read them check them and articles by the writers on GCN. My next highlight is another man that the Black community embraces, sometimes even as our own. It is former President and now philanthropist and humanitarian, William Jefferson Clinton or Wild Bill Clinton as he is called affectionately by his many liberal minded friends and Democratic followers.

Just last week, the Baby Boomer ex-president Bill Clinton was spotted by the Paparazzi hanging out with another green celebrity — the lovely Miss Cameron Diaz. He’s also been know to hang out with star celebs like Brad Pitt and even George Clooney. However, this celebrity sighting happened in Miami when Bill Clinton was spotted playing third wheel on a date with Cameron Diaz and baseball player boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. He was there hanging out with the Hollywood elite because he’s got a cameo role in the new movie Hangover 2. He was also spotted hanging out with Chad Ococincos (who is the NFL football player who got famous on Dancing With The Stars as a celebrity athlete competing for the mirror ball trophy with then partner Cheryl Burke — getting him his own reality television show about his life dating).

Why am I saying the Black community embraces him as our own? That is for another article in the social issues column here at GCN. However for now I’d like to bring some attention to two HUGE impacts he’s made. One is old, which is his book Giving and the other is new. Recently Bill Clinton was named the PETA person of the year!

That is a huge accomplishment.

Ooops let me back up…

PETA which stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is an American animal rights non for profit founded back in 1980. Now that you know who they are, you may wonder why they named Bill Clinton their person of the year. It isn’t because of the Clinton Global Initiative, or because of the book I mentioned earlier, although he very well should be recognized for those socially responsible investing contributions to humanity.

PETA deemed Bill Clinton person of the year because he became a Vegan! Yes, the man who has been through heart surgeries and battle weight issues since he was U.S. President is a Vegan. Not only is Clinton a Vegan himself but he is raising the profile of a Vegan diet.

For those who don’t know the difference, Vegans take Vegetarians up a notch. They not only don’t eat meat, they don’t eat anything derived from meat. Dairy is excluded from the Vegan diet because it comes from animals.

I read a book recently called Blue Zones which is a great read for those who want to maintain healthy lifestyles. One consistent dietary difference in each of the Blue Zones was little meat intake.

Now you may wonder why it’s GREEN to go Vegan! Well, the meat industry contributes immensely to pollution worldwide, from the dirty methods of fertilizing, the clearing of large tracts of land to grow the corn which the meat industry uses prolifically, all the way to the horrible poisonous chemicals used to supposedly sanitize our meat and the animals who provide them.

A close friend of mine recently became a Vegan, inspired by her big brother and the Skinny Bitch book. Changing your diet is one of the EASIEST things you can do to set yourself on route to going GREEN! So, as you’re stuffing someone’s stockings with Blue Zones, Skinny Bitch or Giving or any other book on a Vegan diet, thank Bill Clinton for lifting its worldwide profile as a dietary change.

Congrats to Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and that lucky guy she married because Vegans live six to ten years LONGER than meat eaters! Thanks for reading another spotlight on a Green Celebrity, and always remember…


The world will only change for the better when we stop thinking nothing we do matters and start thinking that everything we do matters!


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Green Light on Bill Clinton: Liberal ex president turns Vegan?


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