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Pet friendly teen idol Justin Bieber new celebrity spokesperson for PETA?

January 20th, 2011 at 11:30 pm by Pet Friendly Lady Leave a reply »

Pet friendly teen idol Justin Bieber new celebrity spokesperson for PETA? Pet Friendly News!

Justin Bieber gives celebrity endorsement to PETA for new advertising campaign and animal rights commercials –

[Jan. 21]

Justin Bieber: the boy every grandparent wishes was their grandchild, the son every mother and father would love to have, and the dream date for any girl under the age of 18. He is almost as cute as a basket full of cuddly kittens.  The 16-year-old celebrity heart-throb is so talented, wholesome and uninhibited along with being a real cute kid will be “Purrfect” celebrity to give his star power endorsement to PETA.

At any age, who would not want to buddy up with celebrity Justin Bieber? PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) raised their hand first and asked for his celebrity endorsement, and it looks like pet friendly Biebs is going to say yes to them.

Those cute as baby cats traits pretty well sum up why the teens want pictures of him all over their rooms and clothing and to listen non stop to his tunes. Even before Wikipedia updates this Canadian born celebrity bio info, fans of the Biebs already know the scoop on the singer-songwriter, musician and actor. Add PETA spokesperson to his trivia file and that he loves cats makes a pet friendly celebrity update to his trivia file.

If you are an adult or senior citizen and coming across this article, there are a few fun facts about Justin Bieber that your “Belieber” kids and grandkids might be impressed for someone over 30 to know. Here’s the fast facts list about the green celebrity that the teen scene already has memorized — don’t think so? Just ask one of his fans who is under the age of 25 and this writer is willing to bet you dollars to donuts the fan watcher knows:

  • Did you know Justin Bieber’s favorite color is purple?
  • Award winning in his teen scene pop music singing career, Justin Bieber songs and albums have topped the singing charts in Europe, United States and Australia.
  • Justin Bieber is famous for the pop music hits “My World” and “My World 2.0″, “Pray” and he keeps on singing.
  • Fondly called “The Biebs”
  • How Tall is Justin Bieber? Right now, he stands 5 feet 7 inches tall but he is young and expect to continue to grow.
  • Justin Bieber is smart and a good student with a high grade point average as well.
  • Justin Bieber is a self-taught musician of four instruments; guitar, piano, drums and trumpet and wants to learn the violin.

Justin is now backing PETA and encouraging pet adoption through animal shelters, which pretty much covers all the other age groups of people to come rallying to just love Justin Bieber and listen to his sincere messages.

Hiring the Biebs to give his celebrity endorsement to PETA was a smart green celebrity move for CEOs, Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco. To promote ads about Animal Rights with Justin Bieber advocating pet adoption from shelters to his fans in Generation Me, he is sure to have a big impact on children, tweens, and teens who are growing up right along with him.

Buddy up with Justin Bieber by watching his videos on YouTube and playing his iTunes on your iPod — and adopt a pet from an animal shelter that the Biebs is promoting in his PETA commercials. If you are pet friendly and like supporting the career of good kids, you will be glad you did.


Justin Bieber is not just pet friendly. He is also a humanitarian green celebrity already — even though he is only a teenager. Gen Me teen scene celebrity Justin Bieber partnered with WWII Generation journalist Larry King to help raise money for the residents of New Orleans following the tragic BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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