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Elizabeth Edwards Will: What John Edwards estranged wife really thought of him her final days?

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Elizabeth Edwards Will: What John Edwards estranged wife really thought of him her final days? Elizabeth Edwards Will!

The will revealed, signed in Elizabeth Edwards final days, presents a very different picture than the rosy one John Edwards press camp wanted to spin for future political reasons.

[Jan. 6 -- Editorial]

Of sound mind but failing body, the green celebrity champion of women and victimized wife wrote the following: “All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles owned by me at the time of my death I give and bequeath to my children who shall be living at the time of my death,” the will states. Deliberately removed was any mention of John Edwards, presumably to protect her own children from he, his mistress, and their love child laying any claim to Mrs. Edwards estate.

While Elizabeth Edwards lay dying, John Edward’s press camp was hard at work telling the press he was by her side at the family estate. The spin left people feeling that perhaps in the final weeks of her life the former political hero and the charitable cause activist had mended fences he tore down by having an affair with a campaign aide.

However, the home — a luxury estate in North Carolina — is actually so large one could technically live there for months without ever needing to see a family member living (or dying) in another wing. Since the divorce was not final and there were still young children in the household being greatly affected by their mother’s death, it was appropriate for John Edwards to be present at the estate. However, the rosy picture of him being a devoted father and — more importantly — husband has never been confirmed by anyone other than he or his press camp (who weave tall tales like they are acts at a circus spinning plates).

Elizabeth Edwards move to cut John Edwards out of her will, leaving the couples eldest daughter in charge of the estate, might have been a passive aggressive maneuver. However, it seems to be the only thing the dying woman could do to set the record straight.

For those who loved and supported Elizabeth through her own trials and tribulations — including all of her husband’s grievous mistakes — thank you.

She was a lovely woman who did not deserve to suffer through the life she did during the final years, ones that despite cancer should have been filled with tender moments with a trustworthy, honest, and supportive spouse. Not dealing with the emotional nightmare of women the likes of Riley Hunter who pray on married men they think are successful and happily married so they can steal some other woman’s piece of cake.

Karma has a way of coming around in the end, and despite the fact that Elizabeth Edward’s grief was too strong to allow her to physically recover from the emotional stress of it all, it is likely she is in a better place now that she has moved on. As for John Edwards and Rielle Hunter?

Their just desserts have only just begun.

Sadly, the real victims of his marital infidelities are his first born children, with the young baby from the infidelity never knowing life in a previously happy home destroyed or what her mother and bio-dad have cost her half brothers and sisters by her birth. As such, while new relationships between the kids and their father and their new half sibling will inevitably from, what was once a pretty picture of a happy and (previously) nuclear family that was function never again will be due to John Edwards deep betrayal of familial trust.

We wish the best to Cate Edwards, who at the age of 28 has been named the matriarch of the new Edwards family. Blessings to Emma and Jack while they are in your guardianship care away from their father, should he abdicate his responsibilities or not be there like so many deadbeat dads everywhere.

At the time of her death, Elizabeth Edwards had requested funds in memorial of her name be given to the foundation support the Wade Edwards Learning Lab Raleigh, N.C. rather than flowers. The lab produces resources to teens, including free after-school computer access.

Donations can be made to the Wade Edwards Foundation can be made online, through a PayPal account, or checks can be mailed to 714 St. Mary’s St. Raleigh, N.C. 27605.


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Elizabeth Edwards Will: What John Edwards estranged wife really thought of him her final days?


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