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Colorful Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger going green in Hollywood after red career in California politics?

January 1st, 2011 at 8:27 pm by Green Celebrity Network Leave a reply »

Colorful Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger going green in Hollywood after red career in California politics? Green Celebrity News!

The Colorful Terminator Going Green After Red Career in Politics? —

[Jan. 1]

The Terminator always said he’d be back, but very few people ever expected the outspoken Republican to promise to be back with a green vengeance.

According to the Huffington Post in an article dated January 1, 2011,

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is sifting through a stack of corporate, Hollywood and real estate offers as the celebrity politician nears an inevitable career crossroad: On Monday, he’s out of a job.

His next act? After seven years in Sacramento, the former strongman and film star will by his own account hit the speech circuit, keep a hand in political activism and possibly write the autobiography that publishers have wanted him to do for years.

Schwarzenegger says he even might get back into acting if the right script comes along – presumably one appropriate for a 63-year-old father of four with political baggage, advancing age lines and a tinge of gray.

“Will I still have the patience to sit on the set and to do a movie for three months or for six months, all of those things? I don’t know,” the governor tweeted in October in a rare exchange about his future plans.

The governator has been a controversial figure — liked by all in Hollywood as an pop culture classic film actor who made his mark playing in Action Adventure Movies like Predator and Conan the Barbarian but won our hearts in role’s like the spy dad in True Lies and the under cover detective in Kindergarten Cop.

Because he is a Republican who helped make the Hummer 4×4 popular, green people or Democrats typically have not trusted him. Because he helps promote eco friendly automobiles and motorcycles like the Tesla Motors Roadster and the Zero Emissions motorcycles and expressed a passionate regard for correcting his ways and trying to clean up California’s environment by embracing new lifestyle habits, the Republicans don’t know what to make of him either.

So, what will Arnold Schwarzenegger do next with his immense star power but waning political pull?

We have one simple suggestion.

Start small by getting your free wheeling Kennedy family heir wife Maria Schriver’s eco habits under control — then hit the green news scene with a vengeance.

You need to get her OUT of old Escalades and Black Range Rovers into the new pearl white hybrid model versions as quickly as possible — and keep her off the cel phone when she is driving in traffic. Using a mobile phone while operating a vehicle is illegal in California and she looks like a socially un – conscious idiot every time sites like TMZ and Radar Online snap a picture of her doing it.

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Colorful Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger going green in Hollywood after red career in California politics?


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