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Celebrity OOPS: Justin Bieber named number 7 on list of Top 50 Women on the Web?

November 6th, 2010 at 7:20 pm by Kae Davis Leave a reply »

Celebrity OOPS: Justin Bieber named number 7 on list of Top 50 Women on the Web? Celebrity OOPS!

Now that’s hilarious —

There is a rumor circling tonight in celebrity gossip circles that teenage singing sensation Justin Bieber has been named on a list of the top 50 most researched women on the web. Apparently, the teen boy did not just make the top 50 list — he came in at number 7.

Even ABC News has published the story with a teaser paragraph saying he’s up near the top of the list. Celebrity OOPS!

Disney Princess Miley Cyrus is on the list, as another Gen Me token as are other predictable names like green celebrities Kristen Stewart [Twilight], Scarlett Johansson [Ironman II], Demi Moore [Mrs. Ashton Kutcher], Sandra Bullock [Ex Mrs. Jesse James], and NOT a green celebrity crazy as a bed bug Britney Spears [Demi Lovato's celebrity breakdown role model].

However, compared to Justin Bieber we think all these girls have got a bit more testosterone than him, as all could take him in a backstage alley style fight or whoop his little celebrity butt if they challenged him to arm wrestling.

Have you seen the muscles in Madonna’s arms lately? [Scroll all the way down the top 50 Women on the Web list to see her buff babe photo.]

The celebrity OOPS headline news story made hot trends in Google at roughly 8:15 pm on November 6, 2010.

Long Island Press reports:

Who are the 50 most popular women on the Internets? [sic] Well, COED magazine just put a list up based on infromation gathered and compiled from Google search engine results.

The number one most searched woman on the web? Lady Gaga. Was there ever any doubt? Following Lady Gaga, is Ke$ha. Madonna is still holding steady in the public eye coming in at number three, but we’re guessing that’s more because of her scary Skeletor arms rather than her music. Next in line, Beyonce, Rihanna and Britney Spears.

Justin Bieber comes in at number seven. Not sure how he managed that, since as far as we know kid’s a dude, but hey, who are we to question the experts.


#50: Eva Longoria

#49: Scarlett Johansson

#48 Carmen Electra

$47: Tina Fey

#46: Adriana Lima

#45 Lily Allen

#44 Sarah Jessica Parker

#43 Kelly Clarkson

#42 Carrie Underwood

#41 Amy Winehouse

#40 Vanessa Hudgens

#39 Katy Price

#38 Ashley Tisdale

#37 Hilary Duff

#36 Marilyn Monroe

#35 Heidi Montag

#34 Demi Moore

#33 Jennifer Aniston

#32 Hillary Clinton

#31 Ciara

#30 Kristen Stewart

#29 Betty White

#28 Pamela Anderson

#27 Fergie

#26 Jessica Alba

#25 Christina Aguilera

#24 Sandra Bullock

#23 Kim Kardashian

#22 Katy Perry

#21 Michelle Obama

#20 Lindsay Lohan

#19 Jessica Simpson

#18 Sarah Palin

#17 Mariah Carey

#16 Jennifer Lopez

#15 Megan Fox

#14 Oprah Winfrey

#13 Angelina Jolie

#12 Taylor Swift

#11 Shakira

#10 Avril Lavigne

#9 Paris Hilton

#8 Miley Cyrus

#7 Justin Bieber

#6 Britney Spears

#5 Rihanna

#4 Beyonce

#3 Madonna

#2 Ke$ha

#1 Lady Gaga


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Celebrity OOPS: Justin Bieber named number 7 on list of Top 50 Women on the Web?

SEE? We told you Madonna was more manly looking than sweet celebrity teen Justin Bieber.

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Celebrity OOPS: Justin Bieber named number 7 on list of Top 50 Women on the Web?


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